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Fan Fiction
(Unnamed Fic)
Chapters 1 - 10 & Prologue

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam, it belongs to Bandai and Sunrise, I’m just doing this for fun and I guess out of disappointment in the end of the TV series.

Ten years ago in CE 71, a devastating war was fought between two groups of humans, Coordinators and Naturals. The war, which almost nearly resulted in the destruction of Earth, was stopped by a third party lead by a grand alliance of four people who desired to stop the madness. With much suffering and pain, they managed to stop it but unfortunately only temporarily and the alliance crumbled, one of its members nearly driven mad by the horrendous loss that he had personally suffered had nearly disappeared. Now it is CE 81 and though there has been no official war during that time-period, isolated incidents have occurred in space and on Earth and information has been leaking out to the Alliance and Orb that ZAFT had been remobilizing with new weapons. The facility of Yakin Cainthrol was confirmed to be the testing site and a combined strike force, led by the remnants of the grand alliance was heading there to investigate.

Chapter 1: Dawn before a raid.

Debris fields near the Yakin Cainthrol facility.
The area surrounding the small task force was a horrific graveyard of floating hulls, wrecked mechanical arms, and the remnants of humans who had death dealt them in a most gruesome way. Even in the space of ten years, the sight would be enough to move most hardened soldiers to tears. Ironically enough, the wreckage also provided excellent electromagnetic interference to a small task force such as the one approaching it. The Task force consisted of one Izumo class battleship accompanied by two new Omega class cruisers and four new versions of the old Escort Class ships.
In one of the rooms of the Izumo, a blond haired woman was as her desk looking over photos of their destination. She was deep in thought when a young man with purple hair walked into her quarters and laid a hand on her shoulder, “Just looking over anything we might have missed”, said the purple haired man.
The blond haired woman turned to him and said, “Just making sure we didn’t miss anything Athrun, you know me”. The purple-haired man said, “Perhaps being the leader of a nation has mellowed you out Cagalli”.
Cagalli bristled and was about to give him a retort but what he said had managed to take her mind away from the upcoming task “It did but just only a little so you don’t need to worry”. Athrun smiled and gave her a small kiss before saying “I wasn’t worried at all”. He then turned to one of the photos and said, “So this is the target we’re going after”. Cagalli nodded and said, “Our spies report that ZAFT’s main production MS facility is there and that many of the new technologies our forces have been facing are produced there. Athrun looked over the photos before saying, “So it will be a Special Forces mission”. Cagalli nodded and said, “We do the usual, hit hard and hit fast routine” before putting them back into the folder. She was pulled into a hug by Athrun who said, “You should get some rest, it will be a couple hours”. Cagalli commented back shyly, “Well I really couldn’t anyways”. Athrun smiled and gave her a passionate kiss, which she returned with equal fervor.

A few hours later.
On the observation deck of the Izumo, a young, slim pinked haired woman was leaning against the wall, looking out at the stars lost in thought. Her pale face had an ice-cold look that was virtually unreadable as if she was asleep yet it was viciously deceptive. She was still there when an officer appeared but was about to leave when she said in a silent voice, “What is it”. The officer, frightened beyond his wits said, “We’re approaching the target”. The woman took a deep breath before telling him “Thank you” then she sent the officer on his way. She looked at the stars for a little while longer, thinking of past horrors and what was about to happen before she headed into the hallway”.
In the MS deck, technicians were busy readying their cargo for battle. Most of it was the standard compliment of MPF-01 Astray mobile suits but there were two new ones as well. One of the suits was an improved version of the MPF-02K Strike Rouge Kai, which was virtually the same as the original except that it had a new deadlier version of the 57mm beam rifle as well as a nuclear reactor to give it infinite combat time. The other suit was called the GAT-X340 Allegiance Gundam a combined version of the GAT-X105 Aile Strike Gundam and the ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam. It had the lower half of the Justice Gundam combined with a large torso and more square-like shoulders to accommodate the fixed weapons in them. It also had the Aile flight pack attached as part of the frame along with the two standard beam sabers. It was equipped with a new 62mm beam rifle. Both suits were made from similar designs so as to minimize building and repair costs.
In the Allegiance Gundam’s cockpit, Athrun was finishing up his final checks when Cagalli contacted him from Strike Rouge, “Thanks for helping me to get that rest, I sure feel ready for this”. Athrun smiled and replied, “So do I”. Both he and Cagalli activated a communications link with the special forces group also preparing as well, “Is everything ready over there”.
It was the pink-haired woman who answered in a cold voice, “We’re just about to head out, just make sure to provide the cover for us alright”. Both nearly flinched and Athrun mentioned, “Even after all of this time, I could never feel comfortable with her using that voice”. Cagalli could only nod at Athrun’s truthful statement. Then the announcement came from the captain, “All forces prepare for battle”.
The Astray suits launched first and joined up with suits from the other ships as they waited for the Allegiance Gudnam, Strike Rouge Kai and the smaller ships carrying the special operations force to be launched. Once everyone was out, the attack force headed straight for their target, the asteroid fortress Yakin Canthrol.

The Yakin Cainthrol base was recently established as a testing lab for ZAFT’s new technologies. It was heavily guarded with numerous beam gun emplacements and several hangers that could store large number of mobile suits as well as large battleships. A huge research facility was spread out through several levels.
In a huge level overlooking a huge mobile suit testing deck, two men were looking over the two suits that were there. Then they turned to each other and started up a conversation, “So sir, it is an honor for you to grace us with your presence”. The young man with brown hair that could be sharp as knives and large black glasses turned and said, “Since this is a project of mine, I feel that I must be present”. His colleague said, “But you didn’t need that much security”. The young brown haired man replied harshly, “In times like this, you couldn’t be too careful”. Before the other scientist could say anything more, the young brown haired man turned and headed down to the pilot room since he was a test pilot for one of the two new suits that he had helped personally developed.
Both suits were prototype suits based on one of the old ZAFT regime's most famous designs, the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam. However, it was a more angular version with the basis more towards close combat at fast maneuverable speeds. They were also painted a deathly black with barely noticeable shades of brighter colors.
Outside, one of the large angular ZAFT cruisers orbiting the base, three pilots were eating together and discussing about the boredom of life. They were three elite mobile suit pilots that always worked together on the many raiding missions. Those battles had strengthened their friendship to a point where they could talk very frankly and agree on many things. One of those things that they could agree on was the fact that they hated being posted on guard duty at a secure location to a person who they felt had stolen power from them. However, they would all get some action very soon.

Back out in space, the strike force had split up with three Astrays accompanying the special operations force while the rest continued on their attack approach to the base. The Allegiance Gundam and the Strike Rouge Kai flew side by side while their pilots prepared for battle
As Athrun looked at what they would be going up against, he turned to the Strike Rouge Kai and asked, “You’re ready for this Cagalli”. Cagalli, who had just attached an extra barrel to her gun, which turned it into a sniper rifle, said, “Don’t worry, I can handle myself, just get me a good target to shoot”. Athrun knew that this was her usual battle preparation and prepared for action by activating his targeting systems.
In the base's outer perimeter, a radar station was the first to pick up the approaching enemy. Yet it would be the first target as a red beam from the Strike Rouge Kai sliced through the installation, its explosion signaling the start of the battle. Shocked soldiers had little time to react before more beam shots as well as missile salvos claimed the first what would be one the most horrific and sad wars in history that some said rivaled the great wars of the 20th century.

Chapter 2: A shocking discovery.

Though the infiltration force did run into some resistance, it was minimal since most of the resistance was drawn away to face the two Gundams and their support forces. That suited the pink haired girl as she and the other soldiers infiltrated began the infiltration of the research facility. The three Astray suits that accompanied them flew back up to provide cover since it would take some time for them to secure the target and every minute was desperately needed.
Back at the main battle, the Astrays and the two Gundams were encountering increasing resistance as they pushed in further into the facility. Though they were holding their own, the Orb MS seemed to be swarmed by increasing numbers of enemy ships and MS units.
Both Cagalli and Athrun were blasting away and covering each other as everyone who dared try to get in between them, didn’t live for more than a few seconds. They both had sabers drawn as well so as to slice anyone who got past their beam rifles.
A squadron of GuAIZ came in with their beam rifles blazing followed by a large cruiser and the two suits were forced to break and the GuAIZ came in with beam claws. Fortunately though, the GuAIZ pilots were no match as Cagalli took them down with pinpoint shots while Athrun switched to beam sabers, which he combined together before heading back into the fray, destroying them in fearsome swipes.
As she took out another GuAIZ mobile suit, Cagalli listened in as she heard of the strike force’s progress, She radioed Athrun, “They’ve made it inside”. Athrun who had just finished off another GuAIZ replied, “Now here comes the hart part” as they fought back to back. Cagalli knew why he said that since every minute longer that the infiltration force took to accomplish its mission meant that more trouble would be heading their way.

In the research facility, there was a fearsome firefight as people were getting killed left and right. Though they had achieve surprise, the infiltration force was dealing with hardening resistance as more ZAFT troops arrived. The strike force had already lost nearly a third of it men and had to hurry since its progress would determine the mission‘s success.
As soon as he heard the explosions outside, the young brown haired man got into his pilot suit and immediate headed back down to mobile suit deck with his gun drawn. Unfortunately though when he arrived, the area was a mess and parts of the deck were in flames and gunfire was still going about in all directions. A close shot brought him back to reality and with uncanny precision; he brought down his attack with a shot to the head. He then started returning fire at the infiltration force, taking out several men in the process, especially concentrating on those who were close to grabbing the two gundams.
After seeing two more of her men fall to the ZAFT fire, the strike leader yelled out her orders, “Give us some cover fire, we’re going to get the suits and get out of here”. She and two of her comrades sneaked in as close as they could while the rest increased their rate of fire forcing even the brown haired man down. However, the young brown haired pilot immediately saw what was happen and as the small group went for the two suits he immediately jumped down onboard one of the gundams while taking out both the two soldiers but missing the strike leader who returned fire at her assailant. The both landed on one of the suits and ran for the cockpit while trying to fire at each other. Soon they had their guns pointed right at each other’s face when an explosion pushed them so close that they could see each other’s face so clearly.
Both nearly hesitated before another explosion occurred that shook them back to reality. With the facility nearly engulfed in flames and the strike force preparing to head out, the girl immediately jumped into the cockpit of the devil Gundam as the young man fired at her. As soon as she was in, she immediately activated the suit’s systems and then she read the name of the suit “ZGMF-X14A Chimera Gundam”. She took a deep breath after reading the schematics, “So this is a demonic version of the Freedom Gundam, which means that the pilot I saw was him”.
Back outside, the brown haired pilot made a run for the other ZGMF-X14A Gundam and as he jumped in and activated his systems, he was thinking the same thoughts, “So that was her wasn’t it and if she is here then the others are surely nearby”. His hands and face tightened in anger as he said to himself, “I’ll makes sure to send them on a one way trip to the worse kind of hell possible”. On one of the Chimera Gundam’s view screens, he saw the other one prepare to rise and he turned to prepare for battle.

On one of the cruisers, the officer was wincing as another report came in of more losses. He angrily turned and asked, “Are they ready to launch yet?” The MS flight deck officer replied, “They’re just about to head out”. The captain yelled harshly, “They’re moving too slow”.
In fact, one of the three special suits was already on the launch ramp. It along with its two brethren were similar to that of the old GAT-X102 Duel Gundam as well as ZAFT’s ZGMF-600 GuAIZ suits though they had some differences. Each of the three had been designed for specific mission requirements and even more, their head were designed with two sets of V shaped antennas that are both curved with one in the front and the rear each. Furthermore, their face was covered in black and has only a red mono-eye in front. Their names also implied their different mission specifications. The first one called Death was designed to deliver it very, very quickly with devastating effect, while the other two called Famine and Pestilence both delivered death upon their opponents at both high speed and in close combat respectively.
As soon as the ZGMF-X12A War Gundam was cleared to launch, it sped out with a horrendous roar like that of a demon. The other two soon followed and headed out to give out death to anyone who dared challenged him or her.

Both the Allegiance Gundam and the Strike Rouge Kai were engaged in saber duels with GuAIZ, which they dispatched easily and they immediately got the word that the mission was accomplished. Athrun immediately yelled out “All units fall back”. Most of the remaining Astrays were heading back and while Athrun and Cagalli waited for any sign of their prize when an unidentified object came on their radar.
They turned to see a horrific sight, the image of a dark, almost evil version of the Freedom Gundam in front of them. As soon as it approached, Athrun immediately hailed the pilot of the suit, “Who is in there”. The pilot replied, “Its me Lacus, the other suit is already activated”. Athrun was about to ask but Cagalli beat him to the punch “Is that what I think it is”. Lacus nodded and said “Guess who is the other pilot is”. Before they could continue, the other Chimera Gundam appeared and its pilot already announced his presence silently and angrily, “I thought that I would find all of you here old friends”.
Athrun immediately activated his comm. screen and got the shock of his life. In the seat of the other Chimera Gundam, despite the fact that he looked a lot older and parts of his skin was pale and broken; it was none other than his former childhood friend Kira Yamato. He replied, “Its been a long time hasn’t it Kira”.
The brown haired pilot replied, “Well it hasn’t been long enough for my taste” before pulling up his beam rifle and firing at all three of his former comrades. All three barely dodged and then the Chimera Gundam activated his wings and charged while activating its beam saber and raining down beam machine gunfire on his foes.
It was only a few seconds but both Athrun’s and Cagalli’s suits were starting to feel the combined damage caused by the EM pulse generators mounted on the Chimera Gundam’s wings as well as its new CIWS’s which tore large holes into both their Gundam’s armors. Fortunately though, they also had the other Chimera Gundam, which immediately activated its weapons and met Kira head on, both their sabers clashing together. With some effort, he managed to make his way to Cagalli and they were about to depart when more beam blasts arrived from different directions. With a sinking feeling, both turned around to find that in front of them lay three huge monstrous gundam type mobile suits. As Cagalli activated her beam saber in her right arm since her suit’s left shoulder had been shot up, she turned to Athrun and said, “Are you all right”. Athrun replied, “Considering what happened it could be better” while activating his beam saber and finding out that his weapons systems was heavily damaged and his movements sluggish. With both their Gundam’s main camera’s damaged; they prepared for a fighting retreat as the three new arrivals charged.
Meanwhile, both Chimera Gundams were engaged in a vicious saber duel with Kira gaining the upper hand despite the terrific resistance Lacus was putting up with her weapons. Both had their wings spread out for maximum maneuverability and the power generated by the EMP generators could be felt for a long distance and affected both friend and foe alike.
Lacus pulled out her beam rile and started firing heavy does of beam energy at her target but it just pulled out another beam saber and cut the blast in half before charging towards her. Even though the beam rifle fire didn’t do much to damage her opponent, it put some distance towards her. Unfortunately, Kira soon figured out what she was doing and returned fire with a combination of both his beam rifle and 88mm machine guns. She barely had time to dodge before Kira flew up close and threw his beam saber down upon her. The combined force sent out sparks in all directions and the intensity was high enough that they were forced to back off and went back to circling each other.
Kira started by saying “I’m surprised that you out of all people you embrace this lifestyle”. Lacus immediately retorted by saying “Ten years of the recent events can really do that to a person”. Kira then laughed coldly and said, “Well you made a mistake and let that be your last thoughts before I send you to hell” as he charged in again for another beam saber strike. Lacus immediately blocked and went in on her own attack, which was blocked by Kira. She then turned around and headed for her comrades while firing her beam rifle to force her comrades’ attackers off them. Kira immediately headed off in pursuit but several lucky blasts from the 88mm on Lacus’s Chimera Gundam forced him to find cover.
Both Strike Rouge Kai and Allegiance Gundam had been brutally battered by the sheer power of the ZGMF-X12A class gundams. While the Death Gundam stood off and fired round after round, the other two engaged in close combat with the severely damaged MPF-02 and GAT-340 suits. It was due to the testament of the skills of both pilots that they managed to hang on until Lacus arrived. She immediately asked, “What’s your status”. Athrun replied, “I’m all right and Cagalli is also but our suits are nearly destroyed and we can barely move”. Lacus turned and saw that Athrun was very serious. Both gundams had been damaged especially in the engine areas and it was hardly possible that they could get up to top speed at all. Lacus immediately said “Grab on and go for full throttle” as she thrust out both her suit‘s arms. The other two immediately did and Lacus opened her Gundam’s wings to full power and before the ZGMF-X12As could respond, they were retreating at high speed out. They were about to pursue but were cut off by an order from an angry Kira Yamato, “Halt, regroup and wait for instructions”. He turned and said “Warn command of what happened and ask if we have any orders”. The officer turned to carry his commands as Kira turned back out to the feeling suits, “You won’t get far and will soon all have a one way trip to the underworld”.

The combined strike force.
The fleet had recovered its attack force and was immediately headed back to the moon at full power. On the Izumo, MS technicians were busy dissecting the ZGMF-X14A Chimera Gundam while repairs were being made to the Allegiance and Strike Rouge Kai. The after battle report had already been sent and had sent off waves of confusion and panic that had resorted in the entire fleet being assembled.
In one of the rooms, Lacus, Cagalli, and Athrun were having a meeting about the events that they had just witnessed. A person dear to them was truly alive but he was one of the enemies and he had already put a death mark on them all. Cagalli was stunned and somewhat horrified at what her brother went through while Athrun was stunned by the fact that he would most certainly be fighting Kira again just like ten years ago. Lacus had an angry look upon her face that the man she once loved would go so far as joining with the extremist factions of ZAFT that was now in power. She immediately turned and asked, “Have you alerted command of what we found”. Both Athrun and Cagalli nodded though they showed a great amount of fear at the rage coming out of her. They both knew why she asked and they had a bad feeling of what would happen. Despite the years that have gone by, it came as a shock to them both at how drastically things could change between people who were once very close.

Chapter 3: Briefing for the main fleets.

The Moon
For as long as humanity had ever ventured into space, the moon had always been an important stepping stone for traveling in space. Even with the damaged it had suffered during the end of the first EA/ZAFT war, the moon still functioned, as the main headquarters for the EA space fleet and in a way was its very own Pearl Harbor.
With word of the raid coming in and what they had discovered, an emergency meeting was called up and people called up for active service. All group and squadron commanders were to attend the conference.
In a waiting room, Cagalli, Athrun, and Lacus were brooding when the door opened and two new arrivals entered in whom they all recognized. Athrun was the first to speak, “Hello Yzak, Deakka, how’s everything”. The silver haired pilot replied sarcastically, “Well everything was just going fine until you three had to participate at that raid”. Deakka also added, “Everywhere you guys go; you create havoc that we have to clean up”. Athrun said, “Well we ran into unexpected trouble”. Yzak yelled out, “Yeah I’ll bet to have both your suits banged up like they are”. Cagalli said, “They had several new models piloted by very experienced pilots and they also had the other Chimera Gundam”. Yzak said, “But they shouldn’t have been that much trouble”. Cagalli took a deep breath and said, “Guess who developed the two suits and was piloting one of them”. Before they could ask, Lacus beat them to the punch, “The pilot of the other Chimera Gundam was Kira”.
That sent a chill down both Yzak and Deakka’s spines and it was a few minutes before Yzak could speak, “You’re saying that Kira now works for them”. Both of them gravely nodded and silence reigned, as the two new arrivals had to deal with the information. Deakka asked, “Anything else we should know about before we say our prayers?”
Athrun paused and said, “The other three suits that we battled were more powerful than even those three EA gundams 10 years ago and they were the reason both my suit and Cagalli’s were damaged badly”. That was a big problem for both Yzak and Deakka, whose gundams were reliable but were seriously lacking in firepower needed to take on the suits that Athrun had described.
Suddenly a commotion at the front of the room occurred as several admirals walked in. One of them was former Archangel Captain Murre Ramius who still looked very beautiful for her age. She immediately nodded to her friends who took their seats before the lights dimmed.
Within minutes, footage of the recent attacks and the raid on the Yakin Cainthol facility were played. Shocks murmurs came from all directions as the sight of what Lacus, Athrun, and Cagalli had faced before was being played for them. Yzak’s face was contorted in anger while Deakka’s was thoughtful as they saw the battle footage. Even the admirals were spooked by what they saw.
When the footage was ended and the lights came back on, everyone’s attention was turned back to the as the most senior of the admirals, a dark haired man by the name of Daren Larson stood up to speak, “We’ve been suspecting that ZAFT had been developing new weapons and that it had been preparing to resume to war and that all of the splinter groups had united under a new banner”. One of the fleet officers asked, “Have we identified who the leader is”. Larson replied, “No haven’t been able to identify the name of this man but he was a former pilot of the first war and was close to the chairman Patrick Zala”. Athrun winced but calmed down after Cagalli held his hand tighter and they watched the admiral continue his briefing “Intelligence has reported that the ZAFT forces were already preparing to move when we launched the raid and that they are steeping up their preparations”. He then paused before saying, “After consulting with the president, it has been decided to commence operations”. That got a huge reactions as everyone started shouting such a high tone that the admiral had been forced to yell out for several times before the crowd calmed down. He then resumed his briefing by saying, “The fleet will be committed to the field once reinforcements arrive from our bases and that of Orb”. With that, he announced the session closed and the doors opened as the people in the room begin to filter out and head back for their units.
It was a little while but Murre Ramius soon made her way to the others and greetings were exchanged before she got to the point, “You guys saw Kira there didn't you”. Athrun, Cagalli, and Lacus all nodded and Lacus replied, “He was piloting the other Chimera Gundam and was the creator of both suits”. That saddened Ramius who was once Kira’s superior during the first war and was a kind young man to her. She then asked, “How are all of you taking this”. Athrun said, “We’ll be all right” though the thought of having to clash sabers again with Kira was a prospect that he wasn’t looking foreword to. Suddenly, the admiral looked at her watch and said, “We better get moving I’ll see you all up in space”. As she left, Deakka mentioned, “You don’t mind if we trained with you Athrun”. Athrun nodded and they went back up to the mobile suit deck with Deakka and Yzak having a conversation while Athrun and Cagalli were talking with each other and Lacus brining up the rear thinking about the events of the past 10 years and becoming angry when she remembered the hell Kira put her through including nearly beating her and leaving her for dead during one of his psychotic rages as well as the eyes changing from their usual violet to a mix of blue and black.
Outside, the score while fighters was gathering ships and mobile suits were being transported from the moon’s surface to the fleet. Many of the ships were virtually brand new with extra armaments to fight off mobile suit attacks. Many throughout the fleet thought that nothing could stand up to this massive display of firepower and that was confidence shared by many. In the next few days however, that would quickly evaporate.

ZAFT council chambers.
The ZAFT council building was shaped in the form of a mixed of Japanese and gothic castles. It was painted in a mix of black and gray and in front of it was a huge eagle statue. It was heavily guarded and was deep inside ZAFT territory.
Kira Yamato was inside of a room that linked to the ZAFT council chambers. He looked around for a bit before he was summoned to the council chambers. It was still dark for a while before a light was shined down above them and that he could see his surroundings. The council was in a U shaped design with representatives on both sides and the main leader by the name of Michael Sarin. He was always in a black suit with a sword attached to his waist, white hair, and a burned blackened face that made him almost grisly to look at. Sarin also had a voice that could scare the soul out of anyone, especially if he was displeased.
As Kira stepped forward into the light, he felt a twinge a pain in his head as Sarin faced him. It took all of his courage before he could speak and even then, it carried a tint of fear, “I have the report from Yakin Cainthol as you ordered sir”. Sarin looked directly at Kira, his face and eyes burning into Kira’s own as he spoke, “have you identified the people who were involved in the attack”? Under such scrutiny Kira had no choice but to reply his answer, “They were a combined force from both Orb and the Earth Alliance and the three who lead the attack were Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yura Athla, and Lacus Clyne”.
This caused a round of murmurs among the council as they digested the information. One of them, who was a raven black haired woman stated, “It pains me to think that some of our own people could conspire with that of the enemy”. Another council member who had light brown hair replied, “We should prepare for whatever they plan to do to us”. The two others, who were cautious ones said, “Remember the last time we went to war”. The raven black haired woman said, “Better for us to strike first”. It suddenly became a heated argument until Sarin silenced him by saying, “I have already decided that we shall strike first”. Everyone else knew that when he had spoken, they had no choice but to obey his orders. Seeing that they needed reassurance, Sarin turned and activated a view screen while saying “ I had anticipated this and had ordered our forces to assemble”. The tone of his voice was soon confirmed when the first images were displayed and a horrific sight came before the rest of the council as well as Kira.
As far as the eye could see, there were scores of ships of all sizes with mobile suits flying all around them. Several of them were huge monsters with enormous turrets in all directions and multiple anti-aircraft weapons all along the side, capable of engaging mobile suits or small warships. Other smaller ones were either in a box-like shape or that of a mace and were designed to give support fire as well as conduct fast raids. All around them were mobile sits ranging from the old but reliable ZGMF-1017 GINN and modified ZGMF-101S DINN space type to the new ZGMF-700A Ghauls, which didn’t have the standard ZAFT MS flight pack attached to the back. A few of the suits were the GuAIZ experimental firearm type that had not gotten into production during the first war.
Sarin then turned and told Kira, “Take the other Chimera and link up with the fleet; the ZGMF-X12 suits will join up with you”. Kira started to protest, “Sir I can handle this by myself, I don’t need the assistance of those fools”. Sarin nodded but then said, “But our chances of destroying the other Chimera Gundam, your former comrades as well as the fleet will be much better if we had their help. Kira then said, “Sir, they’re not at full combat status yet and they don’t have a full squadron”. Sarin merely replied, “Yes they do, and the last suit needed for that squad is ready and they’re already with the fleet”. Kira was about to depart when Sarin asked; “You do know what you have to do right Kira”. The young brown haired gundam pilots replied back, “I’ve already broken my vows of allegiance to them along time ago and I have no problems if you so desire of dragging their dead carcasses through the streets”. Sarin, impressed by the answer replied, “I hope to have you at my side when we win this war, dismissed”.

ZAFT fleet.
The huge armada was stationed outside the L5 area that made up the homeland of Coordinators. It was arranged in two fleets with the home defense fleet patrolling the entire L5 area and the other being assigned to active operations. The flagship was the Emperor class super dreadnaught Bismarck, an enormous gray colored warship that had enormous firepower along its hull as well as a large capacity of 50 to 90 mobile suits of all types.
In one of the ship’s huge hangers, the hanger crew was servicing the three ZGMF-12X suits while their pilots were in one of the waiting rooms. One was a Japanese pilot in his early thirties with hard eyes and a short but strong frame while the two others were Caucasian who were both in their late twenties with one having short light brown and the other with neck-length blond hair. They were both having a small snack of sandwiches while they waited for orders.
As he finished his sandwich, the young Japanese pilot asked, “Hey Alex how come is it that we’re stuck here without any orders to go around?” The light brown haired man said, “Rumor has it that we’ll be soon getting some hard action Shinya so keep your patience”. The blond-haired man said, “Finally, we wouldn’t have to do anymore of this hit and run stuff”. Alex then added, “We’re supposed to get another addition to the team and it seems that our prestigious commander is going to lead the MS units in the operation. David said, “Great so we have to work with that bastard”. Shinya then said, “Don’t they have enough wisdom to trust us”? Alex said, “Be patient, he may be well liked but he does have a shady past and all we need to do is expose him and then we’ll be back on top”.
The door opened and another pilot entered the room and it was enough to catch the eye of all three pilots. She was a medium-tall green haired woman who had ghost-white skin and a face that was ice cold with eyes that could shatter a man’s heart. She then turned to the three and asked in a silent voice, “Are you the pilots of the ZGMF-12X class suits”. Alex was the first to respond, “Yes and may I ask you are you”? The girl introduced herself, “I am Shara Iceheart and I pilot the ZGMF-X12A Death”.
It took a while before Alex replied, “So you’re the additional team member that we received”. The girl nodded and said, “Yes, I received special training for my suit and was a veteran during the last battle of the first ZAFT war”. Before Alex could say anything more, another arrival came into the room and this one was not welcomed at all by the three male pilots for it was Kira Yamato. All four were standing perfectly still when Kira said, “At ease”.
He then started look at all of them into the eye and then said, “Gentlemen, I know that you all hate me and that I hate you all as well but we’ll have no choice but to work together”. This was hardly well received and his other announcement was received even less, “I’ve been placed in charge of all of our mobile suit squadrons for the upcoming engagement”.
Alex asked, “So what is our target”? Kira then turned and replied, “The main Earth Alliance fleet that is massing on the moon”. This announcement unlike the others was received with glee by all three while Shara’s face remained unreadable as she introduced herself and asked, “What about the other Chimera”. Kira then turned to her and stated, “It will most certainly be present and our orders are to destroy it”. Shinya then said, “This should be very fun indeed”. Kira was unmoved by what the Japanese pilot had said and replied, “We will be departing at dawn tomorrow so get your rest and rest your strength”.
He then left them and returned to his own quarters to try to get some sleep. The other three returned to conversation about the horrors that they were more than happy to unleash while Shara just sat alone in brooding thought.
On the bridge of the Bismarck, the commander of the fleet, Admiral Roman Malachi was overseeing the preparations when he received a call from the supreme commander. An old man in his forties, he had seen action at both Yakin Boaz and Yakin Douz and his skills and exploits during those battles had earned him the rank of commander of the fleet. He activated a monitor and was greeted with the face of Michael Sarin who immediately asked, “Is your fleet ready for departure”. Malachi replied, “Yes sir and our special cargo is almost finished being loaded as well”. Sarin smiled and then said, “Your orders are to commence attack on all of the other colonies near us and then push on to attack and destroy the Earth Alliance fleet gathered at the moon”. Malachi then asked, “What if they decide to engage us first”. Sarin then said, “So much they better for us that they do”. Malachi laughed evilly at the though before saying, “Sieg ZAFT”.
As Sarin turned cut the link, he said to himself, “Soon, I will unleash hell upon all of humanity and the one hope that can stop me is no more”. He laughed a laugh that could only have been given by Satan himself.

Chapter 4: Opening salvos.

Kira’s quarters in the Bismarck.

Ever since that horrific day ten years ago, Kira could never have a good sleep for he was always haunted by nightmares of his friends getting killed and of the last battle where he had seen Fllay Alastar for one moment and then she was killed right before his eyes. His mind was shattered and he would have most certainly been killed by Raww Le Kleuze was it not for her spirit entering his body and driving him in a rage of bloodlust that had finally stopped Raww but at the cost of Kira’s soul.
He was screaming into thin air as the ghost was demanding him and he was pleading that he would not suffer anymore and that he would kill his enemies brutally when the alarm woke him up drenched in sweat. Kira said, “Damm it, won’t it ever end” as he put on his clothes and ran to the pilots ready room. By the time he arrived, he managed to compose himself to where barely anyone would notice the torment that he had just gone through.
In the ready room, were the MS squadron commanders including the pilots from the “MS of the apocalypse squad”? When they saw that Kira arrived, they immediately took their seats as he ascended to the front. With the knowledge that his instructions were heard throughout the fleet, Kira took a deep breath before giving his briefing.
He started by saying, “As part of the operation plan for Space Storm, we will attack all the colonial sides and destroy the resistance and then we will push onto the moon”, “Our job will be to take out the defending forces cheaply and quickly”. He then paused before delivering the next report, “The ships will provide cover and have orders to use extreme measures against anything that hasn’t been taken down by us” “Any Questions”?
Shara Iceheart stood up and said, “What if their main fleet comes out to challenge us”? Kira just smiled and said, “It would eliminate a whole lot of our problems”. With no further questions being asked Kira announced, “Man your mobile suits and prepare for launch”. As the room filed out, he walked to the hanger where the ZGMF-X14A Chimera Gundam was waiting.

Bridge of Bismarck.
Though they had made plans for the fear that they may run into resistance, it seemed that the ZAFT fleet had managed to slip by without much trouble. Admiral Malachi turned to one of his officers and asked, “Have they detected us as of yet”. The officer replied in the negative and Malachi smiled since surprise would indeed be with him. Another officer approached and told him, “All ships are ready and hangers are open”. With an evil smile on his face, the admiral said, “Launch all mobile suits and prepare to attack”.
Throughout the fleet, mobile suits were being launched by the score with all of their radar sensors off to maintain silence while approaching the target. New Vulture scout ships accelerated with Shark class destroyers following closely with Scepter class cruisers and then by the Kure battleships and finally the monster Emperor class dreadnaughts.
The ZGMF-X12A War Gundam had a special ability that it now put to use. In the cockpit, David Radisson immediately activated his targeting sensors, which illuminated the whole area for everyone else behind him, “Sending you targeting data now”. When all was in readiness, Radisson had already chosen his target and said to himself, “My first catch of the day” as his Gundam’s huge shoulder cannons fired.

Radar stations in the L2 area.
As part of the treaty signed during the first ZAFT war, the Earth Alliance forces were allowed to maintain installations to observe the L5 area. These installations were to warn if ZAFT was on the warpath again. Unfortunately, these were old and were desperately needed to be updated.
In one of the installations, an officer was busying drinking his coffee while looking at the radar screen when suddenly his scope started going haywire. He turned to his superior and yelled out, “Sir, I’ve got bogies bearing inbound and something seems to be jamming us”. His boss replied, “Can you get a fix”? The radar operator was about to say something when the installation shook from a massive explosion. As they all recovered, they were all treated to a horrifying sight and when they tried to send a message, fire from a Scepter class cruiser silenced it as other explosions were occurring all around and MS were busy exterminating the garrison, which was barely a nuscience. This would not take long in reaching the moon.

Resolute class carrier Endyminon.
The watch operator rudely awakened Murre Ramius and she immediately headed to the bridge. The others were already there and she immediately asked, “What’s going on”. Athrun immediately told her, “ZAFT forces have already commenced attacks against the neighboring colonies”. He paused before continuing, “The colonies fell within 2 hours and they’ve continued to advance towards the moon”. Ramius then said, “Any orders from headquarters”. A communications officer said, “We’ve received orders from Admiral Larson, he is ordering the fleet to set out and meet the attack”.
Deakka who was watching the footage said, “We should get to the hanger deck and get our suits ready”. Ramius nodded and said, “Have all ships form up alongside both the Resolute and the Endyminon. The five pilots, seeing that they were not needed on the bridge, immediately headed down to the Endyminon’s MS deck. On the way, Yzak turned and asked Athrun, “Any chance that we may survive this”. Athrun replied “We would be barely lucky if we did so if I were you and Deakka, I‘d watch your back and hopefully avoid running into the Chimera or those ZGMF-X12s”. Athrun could not help but say it even though it was more than likely that they would all see those two types of suits on the battlefield.
On the Resolute, Admiral Larson was reviewing the latest battle reports. It showed that virtually all of the colony garrisons were wiped out and that those that were taken captive were immediately sent back to PLANT. It also showed that the ZAFT fleet was very strong, almost a match for his fleet. An officer alerted him, “Sir the fleet is assembled”. Without a moment to lose, Admiral Larson rose up and ordered, “All ships move out at flank speed”.
The whole EA fleet accelerated to full speed and headed out in formation with the fast Defender class gunships leading the way followed by the Escort Kai class ships, Windsor class destroyers and with the Omega class cruisers, Alexander class battleships, and Resolute class carriers. Hovering all around this massive armada were the old but reliable GAT-01C Strike Dagger Kais, the new GAT-02A Hammers, and GAT-03A Sickles as well as the FXet-565 Cosmograsper fighters based on the old Skygraspers. This strike force would reach the battle zone within one day.

L2 Colony cluster.
As far as the area could see, there was not much damage to the colony cylinders themselves, which was a sizable relief to Malachi since it meant a clean battlefield with few obstacles and clean fields of fire. Some were damaged but they were mainly intact. Not so the colony garrison which was virtually destroyed with few prisoners. All in all things were going very well with the operation. He then turned and asked, “Anything from Yamato”. An officer replied, “The last report stated that resistance has been completely destroyed”. Suddenly, he turned and listened as an intelligence report arrived from one of their Vulture class ships and some of their mobile suit squads on patrol. He turned and said, “They’ve spotted the EA fleet from the moon heading straight for us”. Malachi then said, “Relay the information to headquarters and get me the Chimera”.
Within minutes, Kira was on the face, “This has better be good”. Malachi replied, “Yes, the Earth Alliance has decided to challenge us sooner than expected”. Kira’s eyes widened but he said, “When is the ETA”. Malachi turned to his XO who said, “They should be arriving in three hours”. Kira then smiled, “We should give them an appropriate welcome”. Malachi said, “I’ll take care of the ships while you take care of the MS forces”.
Kira immediately understood and then summoned his MS commanders. They all reported in and Kira told them why they were summoned, “The Earth Alliance fleet is heading straight for us at full strength”. Alex said, “Finally, they decided to take us on one by one” while David replied, “Today is indeed a good day for hunting”. Shara immediately asked, “How big is the force”. Kira said, “Reports state that the flagship of the fleet is in the force”. This raised a huge commotion among the commanders as they absorbed the news”. The pilot of the Death Gundam asked, “Do we take any prisoners or shoot to kill”. Kira replied, “Shoot to kill” and Shara smiled coldly as Kira began preparing his orders.
“The War Gundam along with the GuAIZ heavy assault suits will take the front while the Pestilence and the Famine will take the flanks with the ZGMF-650A Orcas, GINNs, and the normal GuAIZs”. He then paused and said, “Once their MS forces close in for close combat, we are to break and engage them”. When no objections were raised, they all split and prepared for a defense as Kira looked at the space in front of him and thought about the fact that he would be facing his friends again and what the ghost in his dreams had ordered him to do”.

Earth Alliance Carrier Resolute.
Larson had barely any time to sleep as the fleet speed off to engage the ZAFT forces whiled at the same time, directing refugees to the rear. Furthermore, he and all of the other admirals had reading reports from the battle zone and the information was disturbing to say the least.
He had only three hours of sleep when he was awoken by his XO, who stated, “Admiral Larson, report to the bridge immediately, we’ve just arrived at the Side 5 area. He ran up to the bridge when suddenly the ship started to shake slightly as if drifting. It took quite a while before he got to the bridge and he immediately asked, “Is everything all right”. The XO replied, “We’re running into some kind of electromagnetic interference that is scrambling almost everything, engines, and weapons you name it”. He paused before saying, “Before you arrived, we’ve nearly had several collisions with some of the other ships”. A communications officer replied, “Sir, Vice-Admiral Ramius on line 1”. Larson immediately activated a screen which was full of static but it was not needed as Ramius delivered her report, “Sir, I know what is behind this; it’s the other ZGMF-X14A Chimera”. Larson asked, “Is there anyway to counteract this”.
On the Endyminon’s bridge, the brown haired admiral replied, “No sir and we have barely enough power for life support, engines, and launching suits”. Larson took a deep breath and asked, “What do you suggest”? Ramius said, “If we can’t defend ourselves then we better pull back before we lose the engines”. Larson was about to say something when a communications signal cut across all frequencies and it came in loudly, clearly and in a tone that turned everyone‘s spines to ice, “Well, well, you are all bigger fools than I thought and now you’re virtually blind”. Ramius was about to order that the communications officer to trace the link but the voice said, “Don’t bother, you won’t find me until the last seconds of your life”. Ramius then asked, “Is that you Kira”. The voice was silent for a few seconds before saying, “I’m glad you already know the voice of your death”. Ramius then asked, “Why are you doing this”. Kira replied harshly, “It was people like you, Blue Cosmos, Athrun, and Lacus, who threw my friends, and I into this madness ten years ago and now I’m just returning you the favor for what you all stole from me”. Ramius was shocked and was about to say something but Kira silenced her and broke her soul, “I hope you see Muu La Fraga when I send you to into the shadows”. With this, the messenger signed off and there was a deathly silence for exactly ten seconds before someone yelled out, “Admiral, I’ve got an energy spike”.
Before Ramius could issue any orders, a huge wave of energy beams from the mobile suits sliced through the armada, killing scores of the smaller ships as well as ripping an Alexander class battleship into several pieces. The fleet barely had time to respond before another wave of energy beams from the ZAFT fleet impacted on them, causing even more severe damage. Without a moment to lose, Ramius asked, “Do we have any power left to the hangers”? An officer nodded and Ramius yelled out the order, “Launch all mobile suits now”.
Despite the heavy barrages that were affecting repeatedly, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli, and the others managed to clear the MS deck before another wave of beams arrived. Without a moment to lose, they started searching but Lacus’s suit was the only one that could see through the interference and it took her no time in located Kira and the other suits. She yelled out, “I have detected Kira and the other suits along with several new models, which I’m transferring to the rest of you”. Within seconds, they were also seeing the same information and the general reaction was one of, “Oh great”. The Chimera Gundam then pointed its beam rifle and started firing off to the night with several explosions resulting as her blasts struck home at the ZAFT suits, which had decided to break and attack too early. Lacus then warned them, “ZAFT MS are closing in along with the three ZGMF-X12s. She then pushed her thrusters to full power and went off to find Kira leaving the others to deal with the incoming air strike”.
Athrun and Cagalli were about to form up but then they both realized Kira had the Chimera’s wings open and the EM pulse generators activated. Athrun then turned to see Yzak, Deakka and the other suits in an even worse position as they barely had enough power to maneuver. Athrun immediately radioed, “Yzak are you guys all right”. Yzak literally jumped out of his cockpit seat and said, “We can’t maneuver worth a dam and nearly all of our weapon systems communications systems with the ships are off line”. Cagalli cut in and said, “We’re sitting ducks to them as an energy blast nearly got her and she returned fire at her assailant”. Athrun then ordered, “All units defend yourselves as best as you can” as he turned the Allegiance around and started to pick off attackers left and right with all of his long-range weapons while activating a beam saber as he saw the ZAFT MS close in. The three ZGMF-X12s lead the way; their mono-eyes and fearsome visage were shown clearly in space’s endless night.
Meanwhile, Lacus had already craved her own swath of devastation and was about to proceed even further when a wave of beam machine gun fire forced her to dodge. She looked up and found her target. Her opponent said, “Are you that eager to die”. Lacus immediately replied, “At least then I’ll be free of all the torment that I had to endure at the hands of you”. Kira then laughed coldly and said, “We’ll then I’ll make you an exception and torture you till your soul is broken and you’re weeping like a baby begging for death”. He pulled out a beam saber and charged in for an offensive swipe, only to be met by Lacus’s saber, the energy, illuminating both black Gundam heads in the endless night. They broke off for a few seconds before meeting each other with another clash of sabers.

Back on PLANT, Michael Sarin was observing the battle and as he watched the progress, he silently said to himself, “The battle is joined”.

Chapter 5: Duels and assaults.

Though she didn't have much experience as both Athrun or her brother, Cagalli had distinguished herself in combat during the last ten years and considered herself a good pilot by any standard but right now she was fighting for her life against the Pestilence Gundam, which was much faster, its pilot more experienced and very thirsty for blood. It took all of her skill and the power of the Strike Rouge to stay alive.
The Pestilence Gundam had resorted to using its beam ningata and going in for a close range duel with the Strike Rouge. Both of them clashed against each other in a shower of sparks, the Pestilence Gundam brought up its ningata for a strike from below, and Cagalli had to fire her machine guns to slow down her opponent and bring her saber up to block the Pestilence's slash. Unfortunately, the Pestilence kicked her near the waist and she nearly lost her balance and her life but a lucky blast from another direction stopped Pestilence's slash and gave Cagalli enough time to pull back out. Cagalli looked to find the Buster Gundam with both of its guns docked as its pilot struggled to maneuver and fire another shot.
Cagalli nodded in thanks as she activated her beam rifle and fired at the Pestilence as it was about to charge Buster, pulling the Pestilence back to her and giving Buster enough time to escape and search for other targets. With a sinking feeling, Cagalli pushed her engines to full power and said to herself, "Come on you bastard, follow me". Pestilence's pilot took little time in obliging as it activated its beam rifle in its left hand and returning fire.
Meanwhile, Athrun Zala was engaged in a saber duel with the Famine Gundam and was on the losing end, as the huge sword used by the Famine was much stronger and despite the fact that its sword was much larger than Athrun's beam ningata; it swung it as if it was a regular beam saber. He cursed and went in for another strike but Famine brought its sword up in time and Athrun could feel himself losing ground as the Famine Gundam forced him back and he had to immediately push his Gundam's engines to full power and dodge his opponent's slash, which was only a few inches from his chest. He took a deep breath as the Famine Gundam came at him again and he fired his waist beam machine guns and head guns but the Famine Gundam seemed to literally take the punishment and not lose any speed.
As Athrun dodged the slash, he asked himself, "These guys are monsters, how to we stop something like this". He was thrown around the Allegiance’s cockpit as the Famine Gundam rammed its left shoulder into his suit disorienting him as the Famine closed in. Taking a deep breath and summoning all of his strength, he went back onto the attack, hoping to confuse the Famine Gundam's pilot.
Back at the fleet, the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam was unloading everything it had though its fire was hampered due to the EM interference. Though Yzak did usually come across as an angry hothead pilot, the last battle ten years ago and working on peacekeeping operations had honed his skills and his temper to a fine point. It came into use as the fire combined with that of the ships which were capable of putting up a defense, was playing havoc with the ZAFT MS.
He received a warning from his sensors and was lucky enough to dodge as another wave of energy beams from the ZAFT side arrived, snuffing out more lives. Yzak cursed and fired his rail gun at the direction of the ZAFT fleet, scoring hits but directing the ZAFT MS towards him. Suddenly, a ZAFT Orca charged with its saber drawn and Yzak was barely able to avoid being cut in half while firing a grenade shot into the Orca's chest but it only suffered moderate damage. Yzak had little time to register the thought before the Orca was right next to him and it silenced at his suit, causing severe damage to the Assault shroud armor and knocking out both his rail gun and missile launcher. Yzak angrily fired his beam rifle and head vulcans into the suit's monoeye. It went out of control and fire from a destroyer soon ripped it to pieces as Yzak detached his outer armor to gain better maneuverability as he went back to firing his beam rifle. He was soon joined by Buster Gundam, which had narrowly escaped death at the hands of Pestilence and had decided to resume its role for which it was designed. They managed to hold off several ZAFT mobile suit squadrons that were attacking the Endymion.
Unfortunately, though, that made them targets of ZGMF-X12D Death Gundam, which opened up on them with a withering hail of machine gun fire from its ramming shield and its vulcans while activating its beam whips and closing in for a swipe against its opponents. Both dodge and Buster Gundam managed to actually hit the huge monoeye monster head on but it was virtually unscratched and Deakka barely had little time before the special capabilities of it came on line as it absorbed the Buster Gundam’s attack and drew the energy into its own weapons, which it fired back at the Buster. Deakka immediately dodged and yelled out, “Watch it, this suit can absorb our fire and direct it back at us”. He detached his guns and used his shell splitting gun but the Death Gundam thrust out its right whip, which caught Deakka’s gun and literally tore it from the frame of the suit itself. Deakka swore and fired all of his missiles but Death blew them all out the sky and started tearing into the Buster Gundam while easily avoiding shots from the Buster’s beam rifle at close range.
Yzak yelled out , “Damm you, get away from him” and despite only having his suit without the assault shroud armor, he charged head on firing his beam rifle in his left hand and drawing out his beam saber for a fatal slash. Death though was much faster as it headed upwards and the Duel’s blast nearly hit the damaged Buster. Yzak had little time to react as Death Gundam came down on him with a beam saber swipe. Their sabers met each other in a blinding slash and Death threw its entire weight on the GAT-X102, shaking the whole suit and throwing the pilot all around the cockpit. Yzak yelled out, “This guy’s on a whole different level”.
Several Astrays closed in on the Death Gundam but it turned its huge mono eye around and to the shock of both Deakka and Yzak, a huge beam came out of the Death Gundam, which sliced through the Astrays as well as several Defenders and Windsor ships. In its cockpit, the girl smiled coldly before turning back to her previous two targets as they tried to defend themselves. As Deakka readied himself for Death Gundam’s charge, he asked himself, “What the hell have we gotten ourselves into”.
If the battle was rough for the pilots with specialized suits, it was much more worse for those who were piloting the Daggers, Scythes, and Hammers since they were massed produced and didn't have the advanced electronics and systems to that could easily stand up to the EM pulse generators that Kira's Chimera Gundam was pouring out. They were slaughtered and even the Astray suits that could assist were busy trying to stay alive themselves as the modern ZAFT suits came in upon them and were literally overwhelming them one at a time.

EAS Endymion
The ship shook again as another wave of energy blasts arrived close by. Murre Ramius held on to her seat as her ship tried to doge with every amount of power that it was able to draw. As soon as the Endyminon righted itself, she turned to ask, "What's our status"? Her XO replied, "We've lost three Omega class cruisers, six Windsor class destroyers, and at least 10 gunships in our own sector alone". Raimus turned to ask, "How is the rest of the fleet faring". Someone said, "They're faring much worse and I just heard right now that two of our carriers went down". She swore, "Damm, can anyone get a lock on the enemy fleet". The XO replied, "Negative, our targeting systems are gone and all we have are visual scanning.
More explosions can and several energy beams struck the Endyminon on the starboard side, destroying her guns and killing men by the score. Another wave of missiles followed that landed near the engines of the long warship. Her engineering officer shouted out, "We've just lost the engines". Ramius replied angrily as the ship shook from repeated blows, "Get those engines back on-line as soon as possible".
Around the Endyminon, there was utter chaos as she tried to defend herself with the aid of another carrier, three Alexanders, several Windsor type destroyers and a whole squadron of Defender class gunships, their fearsome firepower blazing away at the ZAFT MS units and posing a danger to both sides.

ZAFT warship Bismarck.
Malachi was pleased that his fleet was doing so well in killing the EA forces. The combined power of the Chimera Gundam and the power stored in its wings, along with the Death Gundam lighting the whole area for everyone else and that they had surprise meant very few casualties from his force. As the latest battle report came in, he knew that victory would be with them today.
He decided immediately to order, "Bring the fleet to optimum firing range". The helm officer, knowing what his superior was planning, did as he was asked and the huge dreadnaught accelerated to full speed along with the rest of the fleet. As soon as they were in range, every ship fired at point blank range and the effect was devastating: scores, of fighters, MS and the smaller vessels were destroyed as well as three more carriers, reducing the strength of the EA fleet in that category from the starting number of 20 to 13. It also provided an opening for the ZAFT MS to fly into the EA fleet and inflict damage en masse.

EAS: Resolute.
Admiral Larson was thrown out of his seat as his flagship took severe damage with some of its defenses destroyed and the hangers wrecked. He immediately took his seat and shouted, "Give me a damage report". One of his radar officers yelled out, "Sir, the enemy fleet has encircled us and their mobile suits are within our lines. Larson yelled out, "All ships tighten defensive formation and recover as many mobile suits as they can". Suddenly, his ship shook as the several high speed GINNs and Orcas along with three GuAIZ firearms types decided to concentrate on the flagship. Despite the fearsome firepower put up by the carrier's defenses as well as that of her escorts, the suits closed in while avoiding the hail of energy fire. Three landed on the ship and started knocking out the carrier's defenses while the others went after the escorts.
Larson angrily screamed, "Can’t anyone try to get those suits off of us". Someone said, "There's no one really available" when a warning light came on and he said, "Sir, we have hull breaches on several decks". The admiral replied, "Evacuate and seal off those sections". His men carried out his orders as Larson sent out a signal, "Repeat, this is the Earth Alliance carrier Resolute, we need assistance from any friendly ships in the area, please, and we need assistance".
Not far off, Kira and Lacus were engaged in a fierce high-speed saber duel, with Lacus literally using every trick she knew to stay alive and inflict as much damage as she could on an equally rage-driven Kira who clearly had the better experience and skill in this dance of death. The results showed clearly with Lacus receiving the more brutal treatment while she barely inflicted any scratches on Kira.
As Lacus dodged another slash from Kira, she fired a wave of her beam machine guns, which Kira dodged and pulled back, giving her an opening which she used, pushing her suit to full power as she sliced her saber against the other Chimera Gundam's chest, inflicting damage on it and forcing it backward. Kira immediately righted himself and smiled insanely before commenting, "You really are good but then that means you must suffer more" as he pulled his other saber and combined them together to form a large beam ningata. Within seconds, he went back on the attack and Lacus backed away to dodge and get some distance for she knew that to engage him at close combat meant a brutal death. She immediately fired a rapid succession of shots from her beam rifle, which did slow down Kira's speed in time for her to meet his brutal slash head on.
Suddenly, her communications systems were beeping and when Lacus opened the link, she came face to face with that of Murre Ramius who immediately got to the point, "Break off your fight, we're going to escape and we're assisting the Resolute". Lacus immediately nodded and angled her beam rifle to fire at Kira at point blank range. The brown-haired Gundam pilot easily avoided the shot but that gave Lacus time to gun her engines to full power as she flew back towards the fleet. Kira angrily said, "You won't escape" as he set off in pursuit while activating his beam rifle in his left hand.
A good distance away from the battle, the ZGMF-X12A War Gundam was activating a special cargo that Admiral Malachi had immediately ordered him to use. The "World Killer" bazooka was being loaded with a nuclear weapon and David was gleaming with anticipation. The moment he had the nuke ready, David activated his targeting system and chosen his target. As the target turned green, he smirked and said, "See you all in hell!" as he pressed the trigger.
Larson and Ramius were both giving out orders when suddenly; a huge energy shockwave hammered both of their ships head on. Ramius was about to ask what that was when suddenly Athrun came onto the line, his face a mix of shock and horrendous anger, "Those bastards used a nuke on us". Ramius was immediately shocked and so was Larson as he looked at the results. A very large portion of the fleet was now gone, their melted hulls a mute testimony at the power that had just been unleashed and the Earth Alliance fleet reduced to half of its strength at the beginning of the battle. Realizing that he was beaten, Larson took a deep breath and said, "All ships retreat".
The order could not have arrived at a more desperately needed moment as everyone was nearly exhausted, with both Cagalli and Athrun brutally battered and nearly overwhelmed by their opponents’ sheer strength and skill. Yzak and Deakka fared much worse with both of their Gundams’s damaged, they were now running out of ammunition and both were severely injured. Athrun immediately radioed them, “Can you guys move?” Yzak replied very weakly, “Just barely”. Athrun nodded and replied, “Hang on; we’ll get you out of here.” It did not take long as both Athrun and Cagalli drove the Death Gundam off, grabbed the damaged Duel and Buster and escorted them back to the Endyminon, which was filled with mobile suits and fighters from the other destroyed carriers. Lacus soon joined them, after firing a covering wave of beam rifle and beam machine gun fire at several pursing GINNS and Orcas.
All of the ships immediately turned around and headed back to the moon at flank speed along with the MS and fighters that could still fly. Nearly all had damaged engines from a combination of battle, high strain, and fatigue, which could make them apparent easy pickings, as another carrier named the Kingshire was blown away by mobile suits supported by a Kure class battleship reducing the EA's strength in that category to only five carriers. Both the Pestilence and the Famine Gundams got several Omegas and smaller ships with the Famine literally slicing an Omega in half with his sword. Kira got another Alexander class warship by peppering it with holes from his long-range weapons before Malachi and then Michael Sarin himself ordered them to break off. Malachi, despite having the advantage, wanted to reorganize before pushing onto the moon itself for the defenses were strong and he would not have only the fleet to deal with but the moon’s surface defenses itself, which were formidable.

The moon.
The military forces that remained at the moon were shocked at the sight of the ships limping into the port. Within one hour, all of the docks had taken in damaged ships as shuttles worked overtime to ferry the wounded, of which there were many, to the moon’s surface. The infirmaries were soon overflowing and doctors were very hard pressed to keep order and calm.
Athrun was in the hospital along with Cagalli as they were being treated for injures, which were severe but were manageable when compared to what everyone else had suffered. Many had burned skin as well as missing body parts and disfigured skin. As Athrun was resting in the room, Cagalli turned to him and asked, “Are Yzak and Deakka going to be alright”. Athrun nodded and said, “Both Yzak and Deakka were badly injured with cuts all over them and Yzak’s scar reopened but they’re pretty tough so they’ll make it”.
Lacus was one of the few that were uninjured but she was very mentally exhausted from her clash with Kira. Part of it was due to the strain of battle but another larger part was due to the emptiness that she felt very much. She had gotten used to it during the past years but with the recent events, it all came flooding back with a harsh vengeance. Though she was mainly unreadable by most people including both Athrun and Cagalli, a small part of her was rebelling against the rest but she managed to shield herself from it. She decided to try to get some rest despite the fact that all of her dreams had been usually dark.

Kira was alone on the observation deck looking over the sight of battle. He usually went there to be alone and to gain quiet contemplation from the things that he had done and usually they did help though not now. Everyone else left him alone out of fear, hate, or grudging respect.
Overall, it had turned out very well. For very few losses, the ZAFT fleet had destroyed half of the Earth Alliance’s ships and three-fourths of its MS forces and fighters. It was in fact a Turkey Shoot, which most of PLANT received gleefully. The prisoners that avoid immediate execution were being sent back to a horrific fate at the hands of the civilian populace of the colonies. Meanwhile, ZAFT representatives were dictating terms to the former representatives of the captured territories.
The door opened and the pilot of the Death Gundam arrived on the deck with a drink in her hand. Kira immediately told her, “Most people usually stay away from this place”. Shara replied coldly but truthfully, “I know but I really don’t want to hang around the others”. Kira mentioned, “They’re getting on your nerves”. Shara said, “Yeah and they’re not my type of people”.
The truthfulness of her answer caught Kira somewhat off guard and he was about to ask but Shara said, “Ever since I was little, I was considered the outcast, even by my own family”. Kira asked, “You were hated by your own family”. Shara angrily said, “All they cared about was that they wanted to impress other people and make themselves look big, whether they were Coordinators or not”. She paused then said, “I ran away from home but they found me and sent me to the military, which made my life even more badly”. It seemed that she was about to cry and Kira suddenly had a flashback of seeing someone like this trying to keep herself together but that image suddenly failed from his mind as Shara walked away, her face back to her cold self, “By the way sir, congratulations on your victory”. Kira commented, “You did very well yourself if I recall, killing scores of mobile suits, sinking two of their carriers and knocking two of their top pilots”. Shara said, “Thank you Kira-sama” before she left a somewhat surprised Kira who knew that only one other person had said that. Thinking that the battle may have exhausted him more than usual, he decided to head back to his quarters to get some rest before the next operation.

Chapter 6. Memories and sieges.

The past.
Ever since the end of the war, everyone noticed a change in Kira Yamato. He rarely talked to them, ate little and never really ventured outside except to the grave of Frey Alester to pay his respects what other things that were going to his mind. Even when his friends were around, he was very cold to them, especially Lacus, Athrun, and Cagalli. Often it would get violent with Kira injuring a person and acting in the same way that he injured Ssigh Argyle after he tried to attack Kira when Fllay told of what she did with Kira. Despite that though, everyone turned to Lacus for she had the most success in helping Kira.
Lacus was busy trying to get the peace process together between PLANT and the Earth Alliance and said that she wouldn’t be able to help. It took a plea from both Cagalli and Athrun and despite how Kira had treated her as well as telling her that he threw away the ring she gave him before the final battle as the battle proceeded all around him, she decided that she wanted to help and promised that she would try her best.
She arrived at Kira’s house, and the sight was enough to worry her. The place was dark gray and very much deserted. A gate surrounded the place and only a few had access to enter. Fortunately, she did and she walked in as her bodyguards waited outside.
Inside the room was very much dark with few lights on. She immediately went upstairs to the second floor, which was even darker than downstairs. Lacus enters and asks, “Kira, are you there”? A cold voice answers, “What brings you down here”? A little nervous, Lacus replied, “Everyone was worried about you”. Kira then asked, “Were you one of those people”? Lacus said quietly, “Yes but I was busy with the peace negotiations”. Kira just nodded and took out a gun as he said, “I’m fine and in fact fine enough to do some shooting”. With that, he fired his gun, injuring Lacus and alerting her bodyguards. As soon as they arrived upstairs, they both pulled out their guns but Kira was much faster, pumping bullets into the bodyguards’ heads and killing them almost instantaneously. As Lacus struggled to get up, Kira aims his silencer right at Lacus who immediately freezes.
Minutes later, Lacus was tied by the hands with a rope to the back of her limo and as Kira finishes, she asks, “What’s gotten into you Kira”. Kira then turns and angrily says to her, “When we were all on the Mendel colony, I found out that I was created only as a stupid experiment and that everything that I lived and fought for was nothing more than a lie”. Lacus was about to say something but Kira continues his tirade, “During the final battle, I lost the only thing that ever really mattered and it was by the man who revealed my true origins”. Lacus replies, “Still that doesn’t mean that you’re not different than everyone else”. This enraged Kira who said, “I’m the product of man’s greed and desire for ultimate power” while tears begin to form in his eyes. Lacus tries to put a hand to his face but Kira pulled away and replied with burning eyes; “Now I’m going to show you the monster that they have created”. With that, he leaves to star the car and soon Lacus was being dragged along the pavement all the while trying to understand Kira’s actions. Soon she has cuts all over her body and she is screaming out for help but Kira opened the window and said coldly, “No one will hear your pleas for help, just as they did for me”. As Lacus was struggling to survive, she suddenly thought that she saw a ghost of a dark red haired woman taunting her.
It was a few hours later when the limo parked near a lake with a few people around. Kira emerges with long whip in his hand and Lacus was definitely frightened. After turning her onto her back and ripping her clothes off, he starts to lash the whip in his hand at her, each stroke becoming more brutal than the rest. She tried to keep herself from breaking but it was useless by the 20th slash as she let out an unearthly scream and began to sob heavily. Pleased with his work, Kira returned to the car, started the engine and drove it into the lake. Lacus immediately tried to unfasten the bonds but all she endured was more injuries. As she watched the brown haired pilot jump out of the car, she heard him say, “Say hello to all the dead people who and everyone had subjected to during this war”.
As the limo sank to the bottom, Lacus desperately struggled to free herself from her bonds. Fortunately, though they were not tight and she managed to swim up to the surface before she passes out and into a horrific nightmare that would nearly scar her for life as the ghost showed its true face that was so horrible that her soul buried itself into a grave so deep that it would be impossible to dig out.
Kira watched as cars soon arrive and he sees his best friend and his sister emerge. As they ran to Lacus’s side, he said quietly, “When next we meet, I will show you all the horror that I had to endure”. With that, he disappeared and was soon back in space heading towards PLANT.
A few hours later, in a hospital, and after intense surgery, Athrun, Cagalli and everyone else was allowed to see her. When they arrived, they all saw a shocking sight.
Lacus had cuts all over her body that the doctor said would take a long time to heal. Her hair was disheveled and her face, though still the unearthly pale, was darker. The most frightening was her eyes, which was cold and dark and that if one looked at them, they witnessed an icy hell residing there.
Athrun was the first to ask, “What happened Lacus”? It took a little bit but Lacus was crying as she described the horrific ordeal that Kira put her through. After she finished, both Cagalli and Athrun were shocked tremendously and Athrun asked, “How could he have done such a thing”? Murre, who was with them, said, “Before he died, Muu La Fraga told me that Kleuze revealed Kira’s true origins”. Cagalli said “But that couldn’t really be it could it”? They all realized what she had said and of the unspoken thought that was coursing through all of their heads as they thought about Kira, “The death of Frey Alester”. Lacus then said quietly, “If we find him, I want to kill him myself”. Athrun was shocked and asked, “What are you saying”? Lacus said quietly, “Kira said that if he were to meet all of you again, he would subject you all to the same hell that he went through”. That shocked everyone and only Athrun and Cagalli could sadly nod knowing what this would mean to her.

Lacus woke up with a large amount of sweat as she tried to steady herself after going through the same nightmare that she had went through for the last 10 years. She got up and headed to one of the huge restaurants that were open at this time for she would not be getting any sleep tonight as usual.

Briefing room on Bismarck.
Sarin was one of those leaders who personally kept track of military operations and this one was no exception. Even though ZAFT forces were having splendid success so far, he preferred to keep tabs of the operations. This was no exception and was especially important considering the circumstances.
He said, “How are preparations for our attack on the moon”. Malachi said, “All of the other colony garrisons have been overwhelmed and the colony clusters have been secured. Sarin smiled a grim smile before turning to Kira and said, “Are you MS units ready for the attack”. Kira replied, “We’re almost ready to begin since several more MS artillery units are arriving”. Sarin then said, “So we will subject them to a siege and then after a few days, we storm the moon”. Malachi then said, “We may have civilian casualties on our hands”. Sarin merely said, “All our conquests will be threatened if the moon is in Earth Alliance hands. understand”. Malachi and Kira nodded as Sarin signed off as Malachi and Kira went back over the plan.
All heavy mobile suits would bombard the moon and the surrounding area with assistance from the fleet and lead by the ZGMF-X12A War Gundam and the ZGMF-X12B Famine Gundam with use of its rail and siege cannons. The moon would be surrounded to prevent anyone from attempting an escape and to storm the place from all sides should it come to that.

Not far from the moon
David Radisson was scanning the area around the moon with his sensors with Alex and the Famine Gundam hovering nearby. Alex Chamberlin was covering David as he searched for the likely entry points and the targets that they would be attacking.
Sure enough, there were many targets from the shipyards, barracks, shuttle bays, etc. There were also many civilian areas but that did not matter to the two pilots since they would always say that whoever got into their way, well it was their funeral.
After looking for one more round, David said, “I’m finished, let’s get out of here so we can get started with the party”. Alex could only ask in disgust, “You’re that eager for blood aren’t you”. David replied, “So are you if you haven’t noticed”. Alex merely said, “We all may want to see death and rivers of blood but at least we all have different styles”.
As soon as they returned to the Bismarck, the information that the War Gundam gathered was immediately processed and an attack plan took shape. It would be a two-pronged assault with Famine leading one spearhead and War leading the second spearhead. Chimera, Pestilence, and Death were held in reserve if the Earth Alliance attempted launch another offensive or make a run for Earth.
As Kira looked over the plan in his quarters, he started to feel as if he had a headache and was screaming in pain as an unseen voice spoke to him, and injuring him mentally. He was yelling out, “Please, just give me a little more time and then I will have them for you please”. It was so loud that it attracted the attention of people in the corridor who rushed in but when they arrived, Kira asked, “Is there anything wrong gentlemen”. Dumbfounded, they all just went back to work.

The moon.
It was a late night briefing for the admirals but it was needed after the horrifying results of the Earth Alliance and Orb’s first battle with the new ZAFT forces. All twelve admirals were in the conference room that with the Earth Alliance president Charles Madison communicating with them on a large screen from the Earth Alliance capital of New York.
An old man of 45 years of age, Charles was the present leader of the Earth Alliance and was considered many to be a moderate. When Azrael was in power, he had many stormy arguments with Azrael that almost nearly got him arrested. In the wake of the end of the first war, he was elected to the position of the president and despite having to deal with the uprisings in the space colonies and Earth; he had managed a successful stay in office. Now though, with the news of all out war, he seemed to have aged by ten years and his voice turned hoarse after doing a large amount of shouting in a meeting of the Earth Alliance government a few hours earlier.
After reading the report sent in by Admiral Larson, Madison looked distressed as he spoke, “If I can send you reinforcements, will you be able to hold the moon”. Larson answered truthfully, “I don’t know sir with the firepower that the ZAFT fleet has at its disposal, and it could go either way”. Madison then said angrily, “You know that the moon could most certainly be used as a staging area for an attack on Earth and even if they didn’t, we’re virtually encircled”. Ramius then said, “But we only have enough power to defend our assets on the moon and Earth”. Madison stroked his chin as he considered his options, “You know that news in space has already caused panic with some suggesting that we resort to nukes”. That sent a chill into the room and Ramius was the first to respond, “If we do that, it’ll be the first ZAFT war all over again”. She paused before saying, “Besides, that would be what genocidical madmen would do and I hope none of you are around this table”. Madison said, “Don’t worry admiral, I told them that we won’t resort to this option and besides from what you showed me of the ZAFT forces, even if we got them into use, it wouldn’t really help”. He then switched to the other topic, “Have you already made plans for evacuation of both the military and civilian populations”.
A younger admiral who was in charge of the moon fleet and who went by the name of Ryan Champlin replied, “We’re underway sir and most of the population has already been evacuated to either the underground shelters or Earth”. Madison then nodded and said, “Keep me posted” as he cut off the line and the room was lighted again. Larson then turned and asked, “How are our defenses”?
Chaplin said, “I’ve already have scouts flying 24 hour missions and defenses alerted but with all of the debris, it would be hard for us to find the enemy before he launched his assault”. Larson then took a deep breath and then said, “I may be asking a lot from all of you within the next couple of days and I want you to know that you all have my full confidence in this fight”. He added, “Get as much rest as possible for this may be the last time in a long time”.
Ramius arrived back in her quarters early in the morning and as she was sitting at her desk with a drink in her hand, she suddenly asked herself, “I know this is impossible but I wish that you were here Muu, maybe you could have helped Kira and we wouldn’t all be in this mess”. That thought made her cry as she remembered the last moments of her true love and being the man who made the impossible possible.

Shuttle bay.
The shuttles and cargo ships were busy taking on passengers and wounded who would be a burden in the event of a siege. However, many wounded were already evacuated, there were still many left and the officers in charged ordered that a process be found to speed up the process to the point of jamming everyone in.
Two of the people being evacuated were Yzak and Deakka since both were injured and their suits would not be repaired in time. Athrun was busy watching them escorted onto a shuttle and Cagalli arrived. She turned to look at the shuttle and asked, “How did Deakka and Yzak handle the news?” Athrun shrugged and said, “Deakka took it pretty well while Yzak was angry enough that we had to tranquilize him twice to calm him down”. He took a deep breath and said, “Still they won’t be as much help when the ZAFT fleet resumes its attack”. Cagalli knew that he had another reason for being glad that the two were evacuated, “You’re afraid of what might happen if they get thrown into another battle with those monsters?” Athrun knew that Cagalli was right and he asked, “Is there any way that I can convince you to join them?” Cagalli said, “If they succeed here then it won’t matter where I run to since Kira would track me down sooner or later and besides, who would cover you’re back and bail you out in a fight”. Athrun laughed a little as he hugged Cagalli and whispered to her, “I’ll keep you safe no matter what happens”. She blushed and hugged him back.

A few days later.
Since they could not get an exact fix of where the enemy fleet was or its strength with their radar systems, the admirals had turned to the old habit of sending scouts out to extend their radar coverage and get an accurate fix on what was around them. Though it would mean trouble for those who would take part in the search (mainly shuttles and Cosmosgraspers) it was agreed that it was worth the risk and a 360 degree vector was establish with squads of either three shuttles or Cosmograspers with an accompanying mobile suit for protection conducting the search.
In the L2 area, a squadron of Cosmograspers was patrolling a debris belt when the leader of the group noticed something on his radar. He signaled his wingmen and they formed up before heading to the contact while the lead radioed in, “Repeat this is patrol group 13, we’ve spotted something very strange, and preparing to investigate”. The three headed to the area, which seemed deserted the lead pilot said to himself, “Maybe it was a false alarm”.
It was then that trouble began as a well as he was killed by a well-placed shot from Chimera Gundam. The two other scattered but well placed shots from the accompanying Death Gundam killed them both. Malachi came onto the line and asked, “Did they manage to get a good look at us?” Kira said, “I don’t think so but we should speed up the attack”. Alex suddenly came on line, “We’re almost ready to go just give us 10 more minutes”. Kira signed off as he and Shara headed back to their hiding positions.
As the ten minutes passed, Malachi gave the signal and the Bismarck guns and missile launchers along with that of her comrades aimed at the moon while turning off their radar and sensor systems. They soon waited for the word from War Gundam. When the targeting information appeared in front of them, everyone was full of glee as they had a huge target rich environment. Not hesitating a second longer, the admiral gave the order, “Commence bombardment”.

The moon.
The shock was enough to wake even the heaviest sleeper and there were many, among them, Vice-Admiral Murre Ramius. She immediately got on her clothes and ran out, meeting up with several others including Athrun, Cagalli, and Lacus as they tried to find out what was going on.
The person at the head of the room said, “It appears that the enemy has started a non-stop bombardment of the moon”. Soon images came in of devastation on a shocking scale that chilled all of their spines. However, much of the moon’s surface was still bleak; there was devastation as shockingly well-placed rounds ripped into thick fortifications and installations. When they hit the cities, they ripped open the domes and people were being sucked out into vacuum. Cagalli mouth was open and she was about to cry until a calm touch from Athrun helped her get herself together. Lacus’s face, which once might have sobbed at the right, was unreadable as she watched the reports came in.
Admiral Larson immediately came onto the line and he was immediately assaulted by questions. He told them, “They’ve got all of the docks targeted and most of our surface defenses have been destroyed”. He paused and said, “Though that are still active are shooting at straws”. This caught everyone’s attention and the three pilots knew what was going on. Athrun said to the admiral, “Can you get suits up into the sky”. Larson was aghast and said, “If I can’t get any ships out there without getting them killed instantly then what chance you guys will have”. All three knew that but Lacus said, “Either you help us or we all get ourselves killed”.
Larson was stunned and thought about it for a while but he made up his mind, “Get up there, I get you as much cover fire as possible”. The three pilots ran off to their suits while others ran to their battle stations. Soon guns were firing from the surface towards a very frightening night sky.
In the MS deck of the Endyminon, the Allegiance, Strike Rouge Kai, and the Chimera were being readied and loaded with extra ammunition since they would be the only suits being launched out there. The three pilots took this rather well which stunned everyone else as the three suits were being marched out onto the flight deck.
Athrun was breathing steadily as he received a briefing report about the attack. He said, “It’s just like last time”. He suddenly was very grateful that he had an extra beam rifle in the left hand since he was going to need all the firepower that he could get. He asked, “Do we have a fix on the radar signals of the enemy”. The flight officer nodded and said, “We have the approximate location but it is well defended and be prepared for a long fight ahead”. Athrun just nodded, “Don’t worry; we’ve been through this before”. Cagalli then said, “Let’s get ready to launch” and all three suits took their places.
When the door opened, the sky was dotted with numerous explosions and all three wondered how they were going to launch in this hailstorm. Tightening his breath, Athrun yelled out, “Once we all get out, we’ll proceed to the coordinates”. Both of his comrades nodded and Athrun turned back to himself. With a deep breath, he yelled out, “Allegiance launching”. His gundam screamed out of the docked carrier and Athrun immediately had to dodge as fire from numerous directions came at him and he barely dodged them all. Cagalli was right behind him and they hovered while the Chimera emerged.
As Lacus’s MS headed out, an explosion went by her and she managed to dodge the attack and headed to link up with Athrun and Cagalli. The three linked up and as they saw more explosions on the moon, Athrun asked, “Lacus, can you give us a bearing on our target”. She did and within three minutes, she had the whole picture, “They’re launching a pincer attack with one suit directing the barrage for both sides”. She then continues, “Two of the suits are leading the assault and the three others are located behind them”. Athrun nodded and asked, “Cagalli, can you get a clear shot”. The pilot of the Strike Rouge said, “I may not be able to hit it directly but it will get their attention” as she switched to her sniper rifle.
War Gundam was busy delivering salvos and directing the fire of its comrades when Strike Rouge’s fire arrived close by. Angrily, David Radisson switched his targets to the intruders but Kira ordered, “Keep up the attack, we’ll handle this”. David was angry as the Chimera, Pestilence, and Death accelerated to meet the attackers.
Lacus’s Chimera Gundam picked up the arrivals and she relayed them to the others, “Looks like your idea worked since we got three bogeys inbound. A wave of energy fire signaled their arrival and they saw the other Chimera Gundam along with the Pestilence and a huge suit that Yzak and Deakka had both described as a death dealer, “You guys always surprise me”. Athrun moved closer to Cagalli as he replied angrily, “Well, you should know better than anyone old friend or have you forgotten already”. Kira replied sarcastically, “Too bad you won’t be alive to regret your decision”. He signaled his two fellow pilots with a snap of the fingers in his left hand “Rip them apart until all that’s left are corpses”. Shara gave a cold cruel smile while Pestilence’s pilot activated its beam ningata and said, “With pleasure sir”. The closed in for saber combat and the three split up to take them head on.
Cagalli immediately dispensed with her beam rifle and pulled out a saber just in time to the Pestilence’s attack, both creating sparks. Athrun rushed in with his own beam ningata but a beam whip wrapped around his suit’s waist and it dragged him into the path of the Death Gundam as it rammed him hard, shaking his suit and throwing him all around the cockpit. He steadied himself as he prepared to face the monster in front of him, his own close range weapons drawn.
Lacus immediately targeted her attack on Kira with a fearsome barrage of her weapons, which Kira dodged while activating both beam sabers and forming his beam ningata. They closed in for saber combat with both colliding against each other head on. Kira forced her back and was about to come in for another swipe when suddenly, Lacus drew her other beam saber into her left hand and blocked his slash. Kira drew up the lower end of his ningata but the saber in Lacus’s right hand collided with it head on and Kira found himself on the defensive as Lacus had both her sabers drawn. Kira angrily fired his beam machine guns to force her to dodge and she returned the favor, some of the beams colliding head on. Lacus then slammed her engines on full power as she closed in for a slash but Kira dodged and was about to retaliate with his own move but she blocked it and pulled in for another strike, both her sabers clashing against Kira’s beam ningata as he used it as a staff to block her sabers. Kira forced her back and pulled out his beam rifle as they both separated from each other for a moment to take stock of the situation.
Lacus suddenly threw her engines to full power with both her sabers drawn for a stab and even though Kira had the beam rifle drawn, she managed to dodge and had almost a good opening for an offensive hit but Kira was faster meeting the slash head on and firing a beam shot that nearly missed his opponent’s torso. Lacus immediately started dumping a huge wave of 88mm beam machine gunfire on Kira that forced him to evade and Lacus set off in pursuit.
Athrun felt as if he was a rag doll as he tried to battle the Death Gundam. It did not help that his systems were not up to full power but the sheer skill of the Death Gundam’s pilot and her bloodlust clearly had him outmatched. As he steadied himself, he replied, “This one is even worse than the three others, perhaps she’s almost as lethal as Kira himself”. His thoughts were broken as the Death Gundam continued its punishing attacks and he was forced to maneuver and go on the defensive as it unloaded all of its weapons onto him. Athrun fired back with his head vulcans despite the fact that they could do little against the Death Gundam’s thick armor. He said to himself, “There’s got to be a way to get a scratch on that monster”. He only wondered if he would last long enough to do it.
Off to his side, he saw Cagalli get on the losing end in her battle with the Pestilence and as he looked back down at the moon’s surface, he knew that something extreme had to be done. He radioed, “Cagalli can you get free up there”. The voice on the other end yelled out angrily, “At the rate this guy is fighting then hell no”. Athrun then suddenly switched his target to the Pestilence and hosed it with his beam rifle and beam machine guns but due to the Pestilence’s superior maneuverability, it dodged Athrun’s fire and returned the favor. Athrun immediately made his way over to Cagalli who said, “Thanks, I wouldn’t have lasted much longer under the pounding”. Athrun said, “Head straight away from the moon and into the fleet, we’ll lose them there”. Had this been any other person than Cagalli, they would have been horrified but Cagalli immediately nodded and activated her beam sniper as she said, “Lead the way Athrun”. Both Gundams headed towards the fleet and the location of the War Gundam with Pestilence hot on their heels while Death head to where Lacus and Kira were fighting.
David was having so much fun pounding away and that the sensor systems of his comrades were off, he forgot to keep an eye on his radar for intruders. That nearly proved disastrous as Cagalli fired a beam shot that nearly took out the War Gundam’s head and even the space the beam passed between War’s head and one of its shoulder cannons as it damaged his Aerial Black Night sensor array. He screamed angrily, “You fools” as he fired his huge shoulders cannons at the charging Strike Rouge Kai and Allegiance. He then radioed, “They’ve found us, and I am engaging enemy mobile suits”. He then turned to the Pestilence’s pilot and roared, “You were supposed to keep them off me”. Shinya replied, “Well blame that chick on the Death Gundam since she and Kira are battling the other Chimera Gundam”. David cursed and said, “They’re going to die” as he activated his beam tomahawk and joined Pestilence in pursuit of the two mobile suits.
Admiral Malachi was incensed as he heard what had just happened and that he had lost his chance for surprise. He immediately turned to his radar officer and asked, “What is the status of their defenses”. The officer said, “Aside from the launch of those three suits, they haven’t really put up much of a defense at all”. Knowing that what he about to do would would cost lives, he yelled out, “All ships close in for orbital bombardment”. He then tells, “Order Famine to commence direct attack”.
Throughout the fleet, battle stations is sounded and crews are running to their positions as the Bismarck launches the first wave of scores of mobile suits that immediately accelerate towards the moon. Malachi watches as he heard the distance close for direct fire from his main guns.
On the moon, a radar operator turned to Larson and told him, “Sir, the ZAFT fleet has stopped its long range bombardment and is closing in”. Larson immediately asked, “What’s our status” and the officer quickly obliged with a good report, “Enough of our defenses are intact that we can make them bleed for it”. Larson, despite knowing that the Chimera Gundam had its EM pulse generators on, decided to risk in as he yelled out, “Launch all ships, activate defenses and commence firing”.
From hidden positions, troops and ships are streaming out towards the ZAFT fleet while huge guns and missile launchers fired skyward. Those at the lead were destroyed immediately, but the rest scattered as the Earth Alliance fleet interlocked its firepower with that of the ground defenses.

What was supposed to have been a siege has now turned into a brutal meat-grinder battle.

Chapter 7: Inch by inch, crater by crater.

Shara Iceheart was stunned at the speed at which both the two Chimera Gundams were moving and though her suit was fast, it was hard for her to keep track of the battle. She saw that the Chimera Gundam piloted by the enemy fighting very well, advantages here and there, though they were brief as Kira went on the offensive against the Chimera Gundam.
The Death Gundam activated its close range weapons and joined in with a slash that nearly killed Lacus as she was using every inch of her mental concentration to battle Kira. She immediately dodged and fired her beam rifle but the armored monster absorbed it and fired back with its mooneye beam cannon, coming deathly close to her right wing. She sped off to gain maneuvering room while Kira turned to face the Death Gundam.
“Why the hell did you do that for”? Shara replied, “I just thought that you may need some help in taking out that suit since it seemed that you were in a stalemate”. Kira wanted to scream at the other pilot but with the battle raging all around them, he just said angrily, “Follow me and keep your weapons at the ready”.
They both headed towards the surface where the other Chimera Gundam was playing havoc with the GINNS and fighting very well against the newer Orcas. Both suits fired their long ranged weapons and Lacus broke off to meet her attackers head on.
Shara immediately extended her whip and when the Chimera Gundam dodged, Kira went in full throttle, rammed her towards the surface and headed in with a stab but Lacus fired her shoulder guns and Kira broke off his assault while Lacus blasted back up into space towards the other Chimera Gundam and the Death Gundam. Kira fired his vulcans and Lacus was forced to stop her attack as the hail of beam machine gun fire followed her. She had little time to catch a breath when the Death Gundam came down on her with its beam saber in its left hand thrusted out in a killing move.
They clashed each other head on and Shara tried to push her opponent backwards but luckily, Lacus had a suit more advanced than hers and though she gave ground, it was at a much slower place than the time when Shara battled both Athrun and Cagalli. Lacus evaded and was about to go onto the attack but Kira rammed her and Shara did the same thing, shaking up Lacus's Chimera. The both then started dumping their firepower on her while Shara used her beam whip and Lacus was now pinned in.
As she fought to get free, Lacus retorted out to Kira, “So you’re so unsure of yourself that you need help in killing me, you must be really pathetic”. Kira screamed angrily as he ordered Death back and resumed his battle with his former friend, “Say what you will since you’re the one that’s one the defensive”. Lacus then retorted bitterly, “We’ll I’ve been doing a good job of staying alive against the likes of you”. This infuriated Kira more and he went on the warpath, his saber scoring hits on Lacus and forcing her to gun her engines up to full speed to escape the two monsters hot on her heels.
In another part of the battle zone, Athrun and Cagalli were literally pushing their suits to the limit as they battled the pursing Death and Pestilence from long range while dealing with the ZAFT fleet in front of them. They managed to stay ahead and use every trick they knew to lose them but they just seemed to keep coming after them and they were closing the distance.
As Athrun blasted through a squad of GuAIZs, he saw the ZAFT fleet in front of them. A blast shook him out and he saw Cagalli firing back at their pursuers, with Orcas providing cover. He joined in and they took out most of the Orcas while Pestilence and War scattered for cover. Athrun took the precious few moments to convey his intentions to Cagalli, “What would you say if we have to fly away through the fleet”. Cagalli looked first at their pursuers and then back towards the fleet and then saying “It should be pretty fun”. Athrun just smiled and said, “I knew you would see it my way” as he charged his weapons up to full power. They suddenly broke position and headed straight for the ships of the ZAFT fleet, to the shock of their pursuers and the ships in front of them.
Malachi immediately yelled out, “All batteries open fire, keep them away from us and drive them back”. The Bismarck and her escorts unleashed all their close range weapons onto the two approaching suits blanketing the whole area in fire. Other mobile suits also flew back to provide defense against the two suits and their exceptionally skilled pilots.
As Cagalli dived down to avoid fire from one of the Scepter class cruisers, she fired her vulcans all along the cruiser’s hull, ripping holes in different places and damaging it. When she got to the engine, she immediately activated her beam saber and thrust upward into the engine, destroying it in a series of explosions. She turned to see Athrun wreaking his own havoc on two Shark class destroyers blazing away with their anti-aircraft weapons in a vain attempt to shoot him down. Cagalli watched in surprise as Athrun flew in right between the two ships, alternating shots between both destroyers until he arrived at the engines, blowing them up and forcing the ships to collide into each other in a massive fireball. She immediately joined him in the attack and they were fighting back to back, using the debris to conceal them while killing nearly everyone that arrived into their range.
Though many of the ZAFT MS broke off the moon’s surface to fend off Athrun and Cagalli’s sudden attack, enough remained on the moon’s surface to commence local attacks. Although the ZAFT MS forces had not silenced all of the defenses, they still had the advantage and the fact was that they had a Gundam specifically designed for this kind of mission supporting them. Famine Gundam had already landed on the surface and was heading towards one of the huge docks, supported by squads of heavy assault GuAIZ suits and Orcas.
Alex activated his huge siege cannon and aimed at one of the huge doors that lead into the docks, Alex yelled, “We’ve reached the dockyards and are preparing to break our way in”. The person on the other end replied, “Good luck and good hunting”. With that, he aimed his huge cannon and fired at the door. It cracked as if it by a battering ram but surprisingly, it held. Alex was angry and was about to fire again when beam fire landed near him and his accompanying squadrons. He turned to see a squad of Astrays and several of the Hammers and Sickles, all their weapons drawn.
Alex fired his huge siege cannon into the group of enemy mobile suits and even though the cannon were not designed for MS, it took out several Astrays and a good portion of the weaker EA mobile suits. He immediately reinserted his siege cannon back and activated his huge beam sword. Several Sickles and and Astray targeted him for attack he immediately readied himself as they charged.
Though the Astrays and especially the Hammers and Sickles were designed for maneuverability while the Famine was somewhat huge, the pilots were stunned at the speed that Famine swung his sword. One that got in very close immediately put his beam saber up in defense but the Famine's sword was stronger and the Famine's opponent was cut in half from the top to the bottom.
An Astray suit managed to sneak in behind the Famine and immediately fired its beam rifle at direct range along with its vulcans. At that range, no previous mobile suit would have survived but when the smoke cleared, the Famine was unscratched. The Astray immediately retreated but Alex gunned his many engines up to full power and faster than the Astray pilot could react, he was upon his prey with sword in position. That soon joined the rest as the Orcas and GINNs fought off the rest of the group sent to defend this entrance. Alex then said, "Back to business" as he drew his huge siege gun and his rail guns.
On the Resolute's bridge, Admiral Larson was receiving updates from all sectors and though he was pleased that his troops were frightening well, he was distraught of the casualties. The bridge shook as explosions occurred all over the surface, some penetrating very close. Larson immediately asked, "How soon before we can launch". His first officer replied,” Give us an hour and we should be ready". He then turned and asked for a situation report from the outside but he wished he had not asked that.
The Earth Alliance/Orb forces were inflicting heavy damage upon the invading ZAFT forces but the kill ratio was still very much on the side of ZAFT. Elements had already pushed near the space docks and the defense forces were hard pressed to keep them out. Champlin, who was on the carrier Avenger, had just told them that fighting had also broken out in the civilian areas and there was rioting and civilians were being killed in the crossfire. Even with the superb flying of his lead pilots, they were steadily being chopped to pieces.
Ramius was also on the bridge of the Endyminon and was keeping in constant communication with her elite pilots and with her commander in chief and while she had seen much in her service, this was taking the cake. To top it off, the door in front of the carrier, was being surrounded by ZAFT MS and she had been screaming for her engine officers to speed up the recharge of the engines but it was nearly impossible and the engine people had nearly resorted to screaming at her to get their point across.
The EA ships that managed to get out and fight were being ripped to pieces as the high speed GINNS swarmed around them and unleashed the same type of damage that their ancestors did 10 years ago. Some either exploded outright or crashed back down onto the moon's surface. Already, an Alexander, three Omegas, and several smaller ships were destroyed the Alexander's remains, raining down upon the moon's surface killing people on both sides.
Famine Gundam was busy blasting away at the defenses when he saw a huge Alexander class ship, fighting for its life against two ZAFT Kure battleships supported by mobile suits. The Alexander was aflame from stem to stern but was still capable of fight. What interested him was that it was just above the dock entrance that he and his group had been fighting near his location. He signaled his comrades, "Try to bring that ship down, it may break the harbor doors down". They soon brought their firepower on it while avoiding the engines. Alex took aim and fired at the bridge, the explosion finally sending the Alexander out of control and it started heading downward. Famine fell back as the Alexander impacted on the moon's surface, the explosion, finally breaking down the steel doors.
Everyone was busy trying to conduct the defense when they received the news that he had most feared as Champlin came on the line, "Sir, they've broken through one of the gates and they're causing a lot of damage. Larson immediately asked, "Any reserves available". Champlin said, "Everyone's already committed to the fighting". Larson swore and said, "How soon can we launch the rest of the fleet". Champlin instantly understood and said, "The Avenger is almost ready to go". Larson then said, "Assemble with Ramius, we're getting out of here". Champlin simply said, "I hope to see you Earth Side". He then turned and opened a link up and announced the order, he hoped that he would never have to give, "All units, fight your way to the surface, we're preparing to evacuate".
Athrun and Cagalli were being surrounded and they were started to get exhausted as several more ZAFT units arrived, including two Kures, their guns already trained on them. They managed to avoid the shots and fired back but they barely managed to scratch the two huge ships. Cagalli said, "I think we've overstayed our welcome here" as she fired at another wave of enemy MS. Athrun also firing his two beam rifles, replied back, " We better get back or we'll be overrun. His communications console then beeped, and he received a garbled message from Endymninon's MS control, "All units break off and prepare for evacuation". He immediately relayed it to Cagalli who said, "It took them long enough". Athrun asked, "Can you verify the location of Lacus". Cagalli said, "She's on the surface of the moon fighting Kira and the Death Gundam". Athrun then said, "We'll assist her and then we retreat back to the Endyminon". A blast from War Gundam attracted their attention and Cagalli said, "Lets get out of her now". Both Gundams turned around and in a repeat performance of earlier, they gunned their engines to full power back towards the surface, trading fire with the two pursuing ZGMF-X12s and the regulars.
Malachi was having a stressful time as the one thing that he feared had happened. Though his forces were mostly intact, his MS forces had suffered heavily, losing 25 percent of their compliment. He was deciding on what to do next when one of the radar officers yelled out, "Sir, the enemy is retreating, back towards the surface, they're preparing to evacuate". Malachi clearly wanted to pull back and rest his wounds but orders from above forbade him from that and he acted accordingly, "Commence pursuit". The fleet closed in as the remaining ground defenders tried to cover the withdrawal of the Earth Alliance fleet forces.
Lacus felt exhausted as she looked at her two tormentors as they circled around her. Kira had less damage than she did but at least she injured him as he did to her. The other one barely displayed any damage and its pilot was still fighting very hard. She looked at her own status and found that she would have to retreat soon. Kira interrupted her thoughts as he charged forward with his saber drawn and he roared, “Today is your day to die”. She drew up her saber in defense and when Kira clashed at her head on, it seemed that she might hold but then Kira kicked at her in the knees and she fell, leaving an opening that she could not block in time as Kira thrust downward, intending to cut the other Chimera in half.
Suddenly a full screen of energy blasts impacted on the surface all around them, spoiling Kira’s assault and allowing Lacus to take off into the sky. Kira turned and angrily fired on both Cagalli and Athrun who flew right over him while dumping all their weapons onto Kira’s Chimera. He immediately activated his EM pulse generators but Athrun and Cagalli were already out of range with Lacus following close behind. As soon as they arrived at the Endyminon’s location, Cagalli immediately opened up a channel to Lacus and asked, “You all right over there?” Lacus nodded and said, “Thank you. I would have probably died back there if it weren’t for you”. Athrun joined in by saying, “Don’t worry about, it was the least we could do”. Lacus nodded and they soon arrived near the dock, they saw ZAFT MS nearly cutting through the door and were about to engage but Ramius told them to wait. They all soon saw why.
The ZAFT MS were nearly through when the door blew up in their faces, sending their remains in all directions. Before everyone could react, the same thing happened in other areas as Earth Alliance warships came out with weapons blazing. All three pilots took it as their cue and they landed on the carrier as its huge main weapons kept the ZAFT forces at bay.
Kira and the other pilots had just arrived when they saw the devastation. Many scattered and although, Kira’s Chimera armor was impervious to the anti-aircraft beam weapons on the ships, the main weapons were pouring out devastating volleys and at such close quarters that he also, dodged, thankful that he had kept the Freedom Gundam’s maneuverability in mind. Malachi then came on the line and ordered, “Commence pursuit of the fleet and destroy them”.
Vice-Admiral Ryan Champlin was busy giving out orders when the Avenger shook from the blasts to its rear section. He looked and said, “Order all weapons to concentrate on our rear, keep them off us”. The ship shook again and one of the radar technicians yelled out, “Sir, enemy mobile suits are closing in and several of our destroyers have closed in to block their fire”. Champlin turned around to see four Windsor destroyers followed by seven defender class gunships and their accompanying MS squads covering his carrier’s escape. He winced as he saw their pursuers chopping the small force to ribbons. The winged black devil was among them, cutting down rows of enemies with skill that most aces would envy and that those that saw it felt that they had seen a monster.
Larson and Ramius were at the front of the fleet and both carriers were supporting each other with devastating firepower that prevented the ZAFT fleet from getting close. As they arrived closer to the blockade, Larson yelled out his orders, “All ships arm all warheads and prepare to fire them on my mark”. He knew that his decision would come back to haunt him but he had no choice. Five long minutes passed before the fleet carried out the order and when two more Alexanders blew up in his face, he roared out the order, “Launch all remaining torpedoes”.
Athrun, Cagalli, and Lacus were on top of the Endymion’s flight deck adding their firepower with that of the carrier as they fought for maneuvering room. Athrun took out three GuAIZ with rapid firing and was about to for more targets when he saw the carrier’s torpedo bays open up to fire her remaining loads. Suddenly Murre Ramius came on line and warned them, “Hang on you guys, those torpedoes have a special cargo”. Athrun immediately scanned the torpedoes and found that they were equipped with the one cargo that he hated more than anything else was. His eyes spoke his thoughts to Ramius who immediately said, “We’ll worry about that later”. Athrun immediately yelled out to his two comrades, “Prepare for shockwave”. Both pilots were shocked but followed his instructions as they felt the ship accelerate even closer to the ZAFT blockade.
The Emperor-class dreadnaught Napoleon was directing the blockade and delivering devastating loads of firepower from her main weapons onto the approaching Earth Alliance fleet. On the bridge, its commander was rejoicing at the Earth Alliance’s stupid mistake. Suddenly warnings came out as one of the bridge officers yelled out, “Sir, they’ve launched torpedoes at us, scanning them now”. His faced paled as he yelled out, “They have atomic warheads in them sir”. The Napoleon’s commander was frightened now and yelled out, “All ships, take evasive action, switch weapons fire to those missiles”.
The ZAFT fleet turned its attention onto the oncoming wave of horror about to be unleashed. Every gun that could be brought to bear was scoring hits on the torpedoes before they armed but there were just too many and the lead Earth Alliance units took the advantage they scored devastating hits at point-blank range.
As the Endymion and Resolute closed in, everyone watched the distance that their missiles are closing and they all prepare for the shock. Soon, they felt it as the torpedoes exploded in huge fireballs, literally melting anything in their path. Larson immediately yelled out, “All ships flank speed”. The whole fleet plowed through the hole that its nuclear weapons made and they all got a close up view of the damage and Athrun was about to yell back at Ramius when Larson came on the line and roared, “I didn’t have much choice, it was either that or die slowly or quickly”. Athrun mere shut up but Cagalli could feel the guilt and sadness from her friend since she felt it too.
From their vantage point, Kira, Shara, Malachi and nearly everyone else were stunned at the horrific sight. Only the three other ZGMF-X12 Gundams started to pursue but Malachi, feeling that he had enough ordered, “All forces to return to the moon and secure it”. Kira, even though he had seen many horrors when he was younger, had enough and yelled out, “Do as what he said”. He thought about what his dead enemy Kruze had told him 10 years ago then turned to the retreating Earth Alliance fleet and yelled out, “You’ll pay for this”.

The whole fleet surrounded the five orbital stations around Earth as everyone was trying to come to grips at what had happened. They had indeed lost a lot and now with the moon recaptured, ZAFT now had a clear run towards Earth and both Larson and Ramius agreed that there was little chance of stopping the invasion that everyone knew was coming.
Athrun and Cagalli were waiting angrily in Ramius’s officer when she arrived. She immediately got to the point and said, “I know how you feel but if we hadn’t done that, we would have been completely wiped out”. Athrun nodded but his expression was still angry and Cagalli said, “Just remember that now we’re at the same level as that of Blue Cosmos”. She then took a deep breath and told the other two, “I’m heading back towards Orb to rally support and defense”. Athrun said, “Mine if I tag along, since some rest might help clear our heads”. Cagalli nodded in understanding and Ramius said, “Lacus and I are heading towards New York”. Both of them knew why with the fact that they still had the Chimera Gundam that they had stolen from Yakin Cainthrol. Ramius shook both her friend’s hand and said, “Good luck and keep safe”.
On an observation deck, Lacus was busy starring out at the night sky and though she did not feel anything, small tears were emerging in her eyes. She immediately reined them in and headed out of the observation deck and somewhere else to keep her mind occupied.

Bismarck’s bridge.
Sarin was very angry and showed it on his face as he heard Kira Yamato and Roman Malachi debrief him on the battle. Although it was a superb victory, it had cost men and material that no one could afford at this stage of the game. In addition, the fact that they allowed the Earth Alliance main fleet to escape back to Earth was enough to put both their minds on high alert for fear of being stabbed in the back.
Sarin said to them coldly, “I had hoped that you would be able to nab the majority of the Earth Alliance on the moon but it seems I overestimated your skills”. Malachi was about to reply but Sarin looked at him with his eyes and he immediately shut up as Sarin continued on, “Now we have to really consider whether to invade Earth or not”. Kira immediately asked, “Has the council decided yet”? Sarin said tensely with his right hand on his katana, “Those fools are debating it right now and they’ve been going at it for the last 12 hours”. Kira actually felt fear for the council members for to make Sarin angry was to invite a bullet into the head.
Sarin then cut to the chase and said, “I want you all to prepare plans for when the council gives us the green light to invade Earth”. Kira said, “But except for my suit and the four others, none of our suits have the capability to fight on Earth’s atmosphere”. Sarin said, “Don’t worry, the MS engineers have been hard at work and I’ve already seen some of it already so you shouldn’t have much problems”. He then quickly signed off, leaving the two stunned commanders to consider his words.
Shara was waiting at the door to bridge when Kira emerged shaken. Shara mentioned to him, “Even hardened men can feel fear can’t they”. Kira said as he walked, “When talking to the boss like that, it is usually on their minds”. He then turned and said, “Thanks for the help back there”. Shara just replied, “Its part of the job, sir”. Kira nodded and was about to move past when Shara asked a hard question, “What’s the thing between you and the pilot of the other Chimera Gundam”. Kira, stung by the question, said, “We have a blood feud between us”. He immediately hurried out of there for staying there and talking to her would have caused him problems that he really did not need right now.

Chapter 8: New developments.

New York.
The capital and the main headquarters of the Earth Alliance was located in New York. The city was one of the most populous on Earth even in this time of space travel. It was also considered to be the crossroads between the old and the new world and as the naturals and coordinators tried to create links between each other, it was decided to have the new capital there.
One of the large buildings near the headquarters was a huge MS testing area where new types of mobile suits undergone test runs for weaknesses before being delivered to the military. This time though, more security patrolled around the facility since the suit undergoing tests was not one of theirs and ZAFT did have spies on Earth.
Both Lacus and Ramius were waiting in a room overlooking the area as they saw technicians dissect the Chimera Gundam in hopes of finding any weaknesses. The scientists had been at for the past three days but they had no luck. Both Lacus and Ramius were not surprised at the difficulty since the suit’s creator had proven himself repeatedly to be an engineering dynamo.
The door opened and the lead scientist arrived, looking stressed out. Ramius immediately asked, “Any luck doctor”. The scientist said, “We haven’t had much luck in deciphering the Chimera’s weakness and any tests we do show the type of news that no one would want to hear”. He then said, “The armor for one thing, it is an enhancement of the Phase-Shift armor to the point where it could withstand beam shots”. This stunned Ramius as the scientist continued on, “It is also strong enough to house the small EM pulse generators located in the wings with sufficient protection”. Lacus asked, “What about the guns on the shoulders. The scientist took a deep breath and said, “They may be for short range combat but they can also be used to take down even our carriers”. The scientist then gave them the worst news, "The wings on the Chimera are laced with small EMP generators that can paralyze any lesser craft for a small distance while the Chimera closes in and kills it". Ramius turned to the Chimera, felt a shiver when she looked into the Gundam’s deactivated eyes. She whispered quietly what everyone was thinking out loud, “Kira, you’ve created a monster”. Lacus asked, “Anything from Orb”. The scientist shook her head in the no and the room felt even more depressed.
At the main headquarters, Admiral Larson was busy briefing President Madison and other members of the EA council on his plan of action. They had been at this for the last four hours without being much done. Some of the council had suggested that they should float the threat of nuclear weapons in order to bring PLANT back under control but Larson, Madison, and many of the others were aghast at the idea. Madison eventually yelled to the entire whole council, silencing them with his words, "I will exempt the events on the moon but if anyone suggests using nukes then I will immediately escort them out of the council and they will not be allowed back in for the duration of this crisis.
With the council silenced, Madison turned to his supreme commander and asked, "Can you give us a briefing on the plans for the defense of Earth". Larson, glad to do so, got straight to the point, I have already divided the remains of the fleet into two groups’ codenamed Fleet group one two. Each has two carriers as its core group and the first will cover the Northern Hemisphere while Fleet Group Two will cover the Southern Hemisphere". He then paused before continuing, "The space defenses are on alert and we're keeping an eye on the moon for any signs of activity". Madison's defense minister, a Russian from Moscow, asked, "Can you stop them from invading Earth”. Larson shook his head, "At best, we could only slow them down for at most a few hours". Madison turned grim and said, "We better order our ground forces to be ready for combat should the fleet be swept aside". He stood and walked out the door as the meeting dispersed. An edited version would be given to the entire news network as a worldwide emergency.

At the Mongerete facility, Dr. Erica Simmons and her fellow scientists were doing two large jobs at once. First, they were busy installing enhancements on all of their suits as well as the GAT-X340 Allegiance Gundam and the MPF-02 Strike Rouge Kai after their horrendous battles. They were also receiving data from New York in the hopes that they could find something that their Earth Alliance counterparts may have missed.
Erica Simmons was busy typing all of the information on her computer when the door opened and Athrun Zala stepped in. He immediately motioned for her to remain seated as he asked, “Have you have any better luck here”. Erica shook her head and said, “Kira did a really thorough job and this made even his designs for the MPF-01 Astray look like child’s play”. Athrun was stunned and showed his amazement, “I knew that Kira was a smart kid but I had no idea he had a mind like this”. Simmons said something that depressed him more, “Perhaps it was his experiences during the previous war that unlocked his hidden talents”. Athrun started to defend his former best friend by saying, “Kira was one of the nicest guys I knew and one of the most shy”. Simmons merely said, “Was it the same person who wrecked both yours and Cagalli’s suits. Athrun felt as if a hammer slammed into his stomach and he headed out to get his thoughts together. As he walked down the hall, he wondered how Cagalli was handling things.
Cagalli was having a very “fun” time as she dealt with the members of the governing council. She had been in this room listening as these people debated about the oncoming ZAFT threat. Some had advocated taking a peaceful stance and declaring neutrality. However many of the others knew full well that neutrality only meant hanging a huge target sign in front of them and inviting disaster.
As the shouting reached a loud crescendo, Cagalli had reached the point that she stood up, slammed the table with her fists and yelled out at them, “You better make a decision here and now for we don’t have an infinite amount of time for debate”. She then told them, “Do we join the fight or stay out”? It took five minutes but they all agreed and as they all filed out, Cagalli told herself as she was looking out at a beautiful dusk sky, “Finally I can relax a little, perhaps even take a breather”.
Meanwhile, Yzak and Deakka were busy trying to get enough rest while their gundams were undergoing desperately needed repairs and upgrades. As Yzak was brooding, he thought about the reason why he was still here instead on PLANT. It was mainly because that his mother had been assassinated along with the rest of the ZAFT council during the CE 70s and that his own people and the new regime branded him a traitor. He looked at Deakka and admitted that the blond haired pilot was risking his life for much better reasons that he was. Still he smiled and admitted that he wouldn't have this any other way.

The moon.
Despite the fact that many of the facilities on the moon were heavily damaged, they were easily repairable and were soon in full operation when Michael Sarin arrived to inspect the troops and meet with his commanders for the second phase of the war. Beside his ship were two huge Rhine class warships, which after they docked, started unloading repair technicians, repair crew, and the new weapons that Sarin stated would lead the assault on Earth. Both suits were humanoid and black with huge legs for hovering.
The first one had a fat body with two shoulder cannons. It looked similar to the GuAIZ except with the removal of the flight back and the enlargement of the legs for increased stability. Also, instead of the mono-eye, it had a face that was similar to that of the Strike Daggers. The other was a smaller one in terms of height designed for more maneuverability and had two missile pods on the shoulders and it had the standard mono-eye. The most shocking sight was a tank-like vehicle that was silver gray and looked like it was made to clear out a junkyard.
As Kira saw these two mobile suits for the first time, he had to admit, the two suits looked very powerful, and that despite the fact that though they could never match either his suit or that of the others like it, they were a huge improvement over the horrible BACUEs of the first war. He then walked to exchange greetings with Michael who said to him “Congratulations on your victories my servant”. Kira bowed in respect and turned to the two suits, “So these are what we’ll be using when we invade Earth”. Sarin nodded and said, “The designers have been working a long time on these two and they have used some of the technologies that you designed for Chimera”. Kira was impressed and he asked, “What are their codenames”? Sarin pointed to the one that resembled a GuAIZ suit with the two shoulder cannons and said, “That suit there is the Goliath, and it is designed as a heavy attack and support mobile suit”. He then turned to the GINN-like suit and said, “That one there is designed more for maneuverability and quick attacks”. He then turned to the large tank and said, “This weapons called a hunter-killer tank and it is a thing that will chill anyone’s spines the moment it fires all its weapons in a blitz. He then turned to everyone and asked them, “Shall we proceed to the testing area”.
An hour later, they were at the targeting area where fixed defenses had been set up and prisoners had been gathered with the images being sent up to Earth. Sarin walked up to the podium followed by Kira who stood behind as Sarin as he began his speech.
“ Honored guests, I have the pleasure of welcoming you here to see the tools of which we shall use to punish those who live on Earth for they have always opposed us and those that ventured into space”. He then paused, “It took many years after wasting valuable treasure to finally begin to colonize the stars and still they use it to destroy themselves and the beautiful planet called Earth”. He then paused before saying, “Well no longer will I allow this to occur for starting right now, this is a war of extermination”. The crowd roared with cheers for five minutes before Sarin quieted them down and said, “Let’s show Earth a demonstration of what they’re up against shall we”. Everyone’s eyes turned to the testing area where the prototypes began their devastating work.
The Colossus and the Goliaths moved in along the target zone, shooting at practice targets or captured enemy equipment with superb efficiency. The huge tanks literally rolled over small buildings while firing their weapons at a rate that stunned even Kira even though he was unaware of it.
The Colossus and Goliaths then jumped into the air and they hovered there for a few seconds taking out targets in all directions before the moon’s gravity dragged them back down. As soon as the two suits were back on the surface, they conducted more test runs for the audience.
When the test was finished, Sarin turned to his audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, the test has been a success and we can now look forward to when we will make the criminals who remain on Earth pay for what they have done to their fellow man as well as the planet itself". The audience broke out into cheers that eerily resembled the infamous Nuremburg rallies of World War II. Sarin stepped down and headed to a meeting followed by the other council members, Kira and Admiral Roman Malachi.
They soon arrived in a room where several high-ranking generals were waiting along with a virtual reality map of Earth, which listed the targeting zones. Asia, South America, Australia, Middle East, and other resource rich areas were highlighted as well as the dispositions of the Earth Alliance forces. When the new arrivals took their seats, the briefing began as a general of Chinese descent took to the stand.
She started off, “After the council had given the approval of invading Earth, we reviewed the previous operations and have come to the decision that the previous Earth invasion was flawed due to the fact that we concentrated mainly on barring the Earth Alliance from traveling to space”. She paused before speaking again, “We have reviewed the information and have decided that in addition to barring the Earth Alliance from traveling into space, we must also cut off their resource base as well”. Many of the people of the room nodded at the woman’s words for they had all read up on the ancient days of warfare and knew the unwritten rules. One of them asked, “So how do we proceed with an attack”.
The general took a small breath before continuing, “With help from agents on Earth, we’ve located the most resource rich areas and as expected, they’re all heavily defended with all arms being used”. Many were somewhat stunned with Kira, Sarin and a few others remaining impassive. Admiral Roman Malachi also joined the general on the stand and added his own thoughts, “That is where the fleet comes in”.
Another screen appeared of Earth with the dispositions of the Alliance fleet highlighted in red. Malachi took a small breath before speaking, “We’ll launch an all out attack on the respective fleets and once they’re brushed aside, we’ll land our troops onto the surface”. One of the council members stood up and asked, “What about resistance on the ground”. The general laughed and said, “We already have agents on Earth and they’ve secured the alliance of several major governments that are hostile to the Earth Alliance". She paused before saying, "Furthermore, they’re located near the resource rich targets”.
Sarin, who was silent for most of the conference, stood up and asked, “When can you launch the invasion”. The Chinese coordinator said, “We’ll need time to reequip our troops with the new equipment and prepare them for Earth’s harsh environment and that will take a couple months”. Everyone nodded and Sarin turned to Kira, “I want you to lead our MS forces in the assault along with the ZGMF-X12 suits and after you blast your way through, you are to land on the surface and be my liaison with the troops”. Kira nodded and the meeting was closed as everyone filed out the door and Kira went up to talk with the general.
The Chinese general turned around and said quietly to Kira, "It will be an honor to work with you Mr Yamato since your reputation precedes you". Kira nodded and asked "May I asked who you are"? The woman obliged and said, "My name is Chan Sen Wa and I once served on Earth in the desserts of Northern Africa". Kira winced as she continued, "It will be interesting to work with you since you were once the enemy of the Tiger of the Dessert". Kira quietly nodded and turned back to the map, "Shall we get on to business then".
Meanwhile, the pilots of the Pestilence, War, and Famine Gundam were busying taking some time off with Alex watching the latest news while the other two reading the magazines. They were busy for a while when a soldier burst into the room and warned them, "Sarin is planning to visit you guys". Even though they were all bloodthirsty to different degrees, they had the same reaction everyone else had when they heard that the leader would be visiting them. They had just straightened themselves when the leader of the ZAFT arrived, his cold stare piercing and his katana always on his left side. Alex stood at attention as Sarin approached and announced, "Apocalypse squadron ready for your review sir".
Sarin spent five minutes each looking into all three pilots before turning to Alex, "Where is the pilot of the Death MS". Alex replied in a high tone of voice with a trace of fear, "She is somewhere else on the base attending to her own business". To his relief, Sarin merely nodded and said to them, "We are about to embark on the invasion of Earth and you are all chosen to lead the attack alongside the Chimera Gundam". All three started talking to Sarin, hoping to change his mind but he said, "He has served me well and is well on his way of continuing to do so". He then smiled and told them, "However should he prove to be ineffective or disloyal, you have full authority to take whatever action you deem necessary". All three smiled since that meant that they were free to do whatever they wished even if it meant disobeying the pilot of the Chimera Gundam". As he left, Sarin turned to them and whispered, "Pass that to the Death’s pilot and don't fail me or else you may join Mr. Yamato as well". He left three wary pilots and headed back to the ship that would take him back to Side 5, PLANT.
However these moves had not gone unnoticed for there were some if PLANT who had opposed the new ZAFT and though they were few and diverse, they hated Michael Sarin and wanted to topple him for they had already gone through one round with Patrick Zala and it had been disastrous. They had already had contacts with the Earth Alliance but they were few and complicated. However, they had a good leader who was known to few as Mariko.
He was in a hidden apartment when the news came in. Though he was blind, he could instantly sense the danger that was approaching and he clearly felt this one. He turned to one of his associates and ordered him "Prepare to travel to Orb immediately with the copy of this". The messenger saluted and prepared for his journey while Markio looked out the window in sadness. He whispered to himself, "If only the Grand Alliance was still alive, we could have stopped this before it got out of control”.

In the next few months, the ZAFT military had taken the time to build up its firepower to a devastating degree with new weapons pouring out of the factories in the captured territories. Also the military had been enlarged to an even larger degree than when it opened hostilities. With this, it was now considered that they would successful landed on Earth without much trouble. Back on Earth, ZAFT agents had already been hard at work, forcing the Earth Alliance military to participate in guerilla combat in many corners of the World. Already hard-pressed and unwilling to commit their MS units, they guerillas did heavy damage against numerically larger Earth Alliance troops

It is now CE 82. The second part of hell has been unleashed.

Chapter 9: The gates of Earth.

The Moon
It had been four months since Sarin had the meeting with his subordinates for the Earth invasion. Though there had been fears of a counteroffensive from Earth, intelligence reports indicated that the Earth Alliance military was busy preparing to defend Earth and the guerilla attacks by agents on Earth had been effective in tying down the military and weakening it from the inside. ZAFT, meanwhile, had built up to what the planners felt was necessary to launch the invasion.
On the Bismarck, Admiral Roman Malachi was briefing his subordinate commanders on the attack plan, “The enemy fleet has divided into two groups and they’re supported by their orbital stations with three covering the Northern Hemisphere with the other two covering the southern hemisphere”. He paused before continuing, “After we blast our way through, we will split off into 5 groups with each heading towards its respective targets”. He then turned to the lead MS commanders, mainly the pilots of the five Gundam that ZAFT had at its disposal, “Kira, we’re counting on you the success of this invasion”. Kira nodded and said, “Just cut me and the others loose and we’ll give you the hole”. The faces on the other pilots told the same story that Malachi admitted to himself, “I wonder if I have sunk to their level yet”. He gathered himself and said, “Well then, we’ll be expecting a grand performance”. He then turned and ended the briefing by saying, “Man your stations and prepare for combat”.
As everyone ran to their combat positions, Kira and Shara found a quiet place to talk about the upcoming battle. For some odd reason, Kira had felt a little nervous when he heard that each of the targets would have its own gundam for support. Although he despised the three other pilots and would be happy to be rid of them, Kira could not help but be impressed at Shara’s skills and icy cold demeanor.
He said to her, “Are you sure you can handle this since once we fight our way through the enemy fleet, we can expect heavy resistance from all directions”. Shara, though somewhat touched, said icily, “Do you doubt my skills”. Kira shook his head and replied, “I guess that I’ve gotten used to working alongside you and there’s something about you that I can’t just quite place”. Shara said, “You know that could be a hindrance to your fighting ability”. Kira retorted back, “It can also turn you into a demon evil enough to frighten your enemy before he manages to fire a shot off”. Shara nodded thoughtfully, turned around, and headed to her suit saying, “I’ll see you on the field”. Kira nodded and headed for the Chimera Gundam.
Admiral Malachi was on the bridge as the fleet assembled all around him. He had once read information about the wars of previous past, especially during the great world wars and the greatest invasion in human history. It struck him that he was leading perhaps an invasion comparable to that of the ancient history of the Earth. He looked at his watch, knowing that two hours have passed already and that ZAFT agents already on the planet were stirring up chaos. When the last of the ships took their positions, Malachi gave the order, “Commence assault”.
The Bismarck along with her sister ships accelerated to full power as they and their accompanying escorts bore down on Earth. Following right behind them were Rhine class heavy transport/crusier ships, which were similar but more improved in comparison to the Lurasia class ships of the first ZAFT war. They would reach the target in one hour and thirty minutes.

Orb/Earth Alliance Home Fleet.
Athrun was looking at Cagalli while she soundly slept in their quarters. Most of the time, he managed to get some sleep especially with her but recently, he hadn’t and though Cagalli had asked him about it, he told her not to worry. The moon came in over the window, illuminating her in an ethreal glow. It helped him a little to look at her like this since it reminded him of how far he had come and that despite all the things that had happened, he would go through the whole thing all over again”.
Just then, an announcer woke them up with the warning that unidentified intruders were approaching Earth. Cagalli immediately asked upon seeing that Athrun did not have any sleep at all, “Are you going to be alright”. Athrun laughed and said, “You know that you sometimes worry too much”. Despite the sudden tension, Cagalli could not help it but she screamed at him, “At least you’ll feel better in the morning and not cranky or moody”. Athrun commented, “Well you always seem to be like that”. Cagalli was about to reply again when Lacus suddenly arrived and she told them, “We don’t have any time for this, radar stations have detected the ZAFT fleet on course for Earth”.
They all ran down to the Mongrerte’s commander center, which already had an uplink to Earth Alliance headquarters and to the two flagships of the fleet, Resolute and Endymion. Already they could see and hear the details of the upcoming battle with mobile suits and fighters orbiting Earth and ships surrounding the huge orbital defense platforms. Soon, the voices came on as they directed the EA fleet into position.
Admiral Larson came onto the line with orders, “All carrier groups, split up and proceed in orbital defense”, “Upon contact with enemy, do not hesitate to open fire on the enemy for Earth is right behind us”. He then yelled out, “All carrier units check in”. The fleet commanders all reported in but then Chmaplin, who was on the bridge of the Avenger, “We have the enemy fleet approaching on attack vector with mobile suits already deployed, launching suits to counteract”. Larson replied, “All ships, combat speed” but then suddenly, radar operators started yelling out, “Sir, more enemy ships approaching from different attack vectors. Everyone in the room could clearly hear Ramius cursing as she said, “They’re trying to separate us and chop us up into pieces”. Larson also cursed and said his last orders, “It’s been an honor serving with you, good luck and good hunting”. Suddenly explosions came in on the communications net and the screen changed to the sight of hundreds of ZAFT mobile suits with the ZGMF-X14A Chimera and the four ZGMF-X12s in the lead, signaling the start of battle.
As Kira dodged the beam fire from the approaching defenders, he immediately activated the EM pulse generators on his wings. In a few moments, he smiled at the deadly work and unleashed his firepower on those who were not skillful enough to dodge of which there were many. The rest of the mobile suits soon delivered their own deadly storm of firepower, ripping into scores of Hammers, Sickles, and Cosmograspers, killing at least several hundred soldiers in the first few minutes.
Despite the fact that the ZAFT MS outnumbered them and the fact that they were crippled even before the first shots occurred, the Earth Alliance mobile suits started returning fire from their beam rifles on the off chance that they were bound to hit something. Unfortunately, even without the assistance of the ZAFT Gundams, the ZAFT mass-produced suits were much faster in terms of both speed and rapid fire and scores of Hammers and Sickles were destroyed exceptionally quickly by the GINNS, DINNS, and the Orcas. The EA suits faired even worse at the hands of the five ZAFT Gundams.
Alex, David, and Shinya all immediately accelerated to full power as they easily dodged the ineffective enemy fire arriving from all directions. David thrust himself upwards and both Alex and Shinya accelerated out of the way as David screamed, “Die you bastards” and unleashed all of his weapons on his victims, the last thing they all saw was his mono-eye glowing blood red before they were incinerated in their cockpits. When the smoke cleared, at least one hundred mobile suits and fighters as well as several ships disappeared from the screens.
Several Cosmograspers and Sickles closed in behind the War Gundam and started delivering beam shots, taking him by surprise. David immediately dodged and he saw his attackers encircling him but then Pestilence flew in head on, its beam ningata deployed and swinging out in all directions. Scores of explosions followed as the Pestilence flew by with incredible speed, its pilot laughing devilishly over the comm. net.
Meanwhile, Alex roared ahead, using his huge beam sword to slice neatly in half anyone that got into his path. Suddenly, he shuddered as his Gundam was hit and he turned to see two Windsors and two Defender class gunships accelerating ahead for fire support. Thanks to the heavy Chobian armor around his suit, Alex was barely hurt and he immediately returned the favor by firing his rail guns in rapid succession, the shots killing the ships instantly. He then turned and radioed, “David, Shinya, Are things taken care of up there?”. Shinya laughed and yelled, “These insects aren’t even worth our time”. Satisfied, Alex said, “Lets break their backs” and continued his vicious work with his two comrades not far behind.
Kira was busy in his own area of the battle as he repeatedly alternated between slashing and firing his beam rifle at scores of opponents. Though his suit had somewhat less weapons than that of the four earlier ZAFT models, the bloodlust combined with his skills and the speed of the suit, turned him into a horrific monster without remorse. Those that took them him head on did not live to regret it as Kira killed them almost instantaneously, his Gundam’s eyes glowing menacingly green as he flew through the mobile suit screen.
Shara Iceheart was already through the mobile suit screen and had already started her attack on the approaching ships from the Avenger section of fleet group two. Despite her paucity of weapons, she headed downward on the attack supported by High-Speed GINNS armed with 280 mm bazookas. When several Defender class warships had managed to score hits on her, the weapon battery immediately absorbed the blasts and Shara immediately incinerated them with a full blast of her mono-eye cannon.
Ramius, unable to stand the slaughter, yelled to her subordinates, “Accelerate to full speed and fire all weapons to cover our mobile suits and fighters". Her carrier immediately closed the distance between the approaching suits while her weapons started spewing weapons out at the GINNS and Orcas, her escorts not far behind.
Kira was surprised at his former commander’s recklessness and he yelled out, “All mobile suits in the area, commence attack on the Endymion’s fleet group and disable the carrier’s weapons”. One of his subordinates questioned his orders and he coldly told him, “I want her to feel so helpless seeing all of this destruction and death before she dies”.
The Chimera accelerated to full power and closed in on Ramius’s vessel followed by a squad of GuAIZ firearms and two squads of Orcas. The ships immediately started firing upward on the approaching intruders and they score several hits but there were too many and enough have closed in to start firing. The Orcas, in particular, unleashed great damage to the lightly armored ships with some combing their two beam guns together and firing single blasts while others used them both at the same time. Two Omegas, three Windsors and several Defenders were blown to bits in the first wave of shots.
Ramius, shaken by the destruction, managed to compose herself and continue directing the battle, “Signal the defense station and fall back towards its weapon cover”. The Endymion and her escorts started to reverse their engines while doubling their rate of fire. More ZAFT MS went down and Kira roared out over the command net, “Don’t let them escape” as the Chimera followed in pursuit. Unfortunately, they were too late and Kira barely managed to dodge as heavy beam fire erupted from the orbital station as well as the Endymion group killing dozens of GuAIZ and Orcas. The Defenders were having the most success since the close combat area gave their gunners good targets and they took advantage of it, proving their worth even with reduced efficiency.
The other fleet groups were holding their own against the advance with the Resolute and Avenger elements fighting especially hard against the ZAFT fleet. However, that changed the moment Kira saw the defense hardening he signaled to the Bismarck, “Commence bombardment and prepare for drop”.
The Bismarck’s huge guns already had their targets locked in and they fired a savage salvo at the orbital station, blanketing the area in a wave of fire. Soon the other ships followed suit and the ZAFT fleet advanced towards Earth. While, the Earth Alliance fleets was badly damaged and busy fighting Kira, the 4 other Gundams and the ZAFT mobile suit forces, the huge orbital defense stations were intact and returning the favor with their beam cannons scoring hits on the lead ships. Malachi cursed and swore no mercy. He yelled out the order, “Close in for point blank range fire”.
Back in the Orb command center, everyone was worried as they saw the casualties starting to mount and some including Athrun and Cagalli were almost itching to run back to their mobile suits and head up to help. Lacus was the only one who was watching coldly as Kira devastated the Earth Alliance forces, her face sending the temperature down by a few degrees.
They could all see the damage ZAFT wrought and though there was nowhere else to go, Cagalli wondered to herself, “Why haven’t they called the retreat order yet”. Athrun replied for her, “They’re fighting right on Earth’s doorstep and even if they could break out, where can they run”. That sobered Cagalli and she turned to watch her brother snuff out a couple hundred more lives when he destroyed an Omega class cruiser that was wreaking havoc on the ZAFT forces pounding the orbital station.
Admiral Larson was being jolted around as the Resolute received heavy damage from the ZAFT fleet. Many of her forward heavy weapons were knocked out and her hangers wrecked beyond repair. She and the other ships of the group were holding on but they were surrounded and even with an orbital battle station at their backs, they would still be swarmed. He looked at the battle map and what it showed sickened him.
All four fleet groups were now cut into isolated pockets separated from their comrades and from the rear with no hope of rescue. Though they were holding on, the ZAFT forces attacked them with a ferocity that stunned everyone that saw it first hand. They literally used their weapons almost non-stop as well as battering ram tactics that had ZAFT mobile suits blowing through different levels of a large warship in order to destroy a valuable compartment, mainly the ammunition storerooms or engine compartments. He could see that his fleet group as well as the other one covering the northern hemisphere doing alright whereas the Endymion and the Avenger were virtually annialated with their backs towards Earth and their Orbital Defense Stations being blown to pieces with parts of them already torn off.
Shara had racked up a kill record that despite the lack of weapons she had was incredible. She and the mobile suits accompanying her had already destroyed more than half of the Avenger fleet group and elements of the Endymion group. The rest gathered around their assigned Orbital battle station while its guns tried to keep the Death Gundam and her cohorts away.
Suddenly, they were silenced by beam fire from ZAFT warships closing into range, their huge guns inflicting tremendous damage. Seeing an opening, Shara and her cohorts went back on the attack, killing the smaller ships by the score and finishing off those that survived the guns of the Kures and the Emperors. While this was going on, Shara had spotted an even better target, the huge Resolute class carrier Avenger firing all of its weapons and headed towards it at full throttle.
Vice Admiral Ryan Champlin was cursing as he saw his ships, fighters, and men cut down one by one no matter what they could do to stop the slaughter. He almost wished that he could arm his nuclear torpedoes but it would have invited a senseless massacre, “Not like this one is already” he bitterly remarked. He was shaken out of his thoughts when one of his radar officers told him, “Sir, one of the mono-eyed Gundams is heading straight for us”. His blood turned to ice as he asked “Which one and show it on the main screen”. The radar officer replied, “Here it is”.
Champlin immediately felt himself turned to stone as he saw the Death Gundam approaching, its mono-eye glowing very frighteningly straight at him. He didn’t feel himself give out the order, “Do whatever you have to but bring that bastard down”.
All of the remaining weapons on the Avenger focused their entire fire on the approaching mobile suit and despite the fact that the Death was the most dangerous, that was a mistake for it allowed the other ZAFT mobile suits to get in close and batter away at the carrier’s superstructure. Soon her hangers were wrecked, her powerful gun turrets sliced off and most of her anti-aircraft weapons silenced. She only had her torpedo launchers active and they were soon silenced by rail gunfire from the GuAIZ firearms type. With all of her firepower silenced, the Avenger was dead in the water hovering over the nearby Orbital Battle Station and Death was literally heading towards it at full speed with its saber drawn.
Chmaplin immediately saw this and yelled, “Everyone evacuate now, get to the escape pods”. Unfortunately, Death was faster and already had its saber drawn. He said a few words before the Death’s swipe incinerated him and everyone who was one the bridge. The gundam continued on to the engines while hosing the hull with weapon's fire and with a few blasts of her shield mounted vulcans, she blew the engines and sped away as the Avenger was on its firey plunge into the Orbital Defense Station, taking several smaller ships with her.
Both Larson and Ramius were so engrossed in their own battles that it wasn’t until the Avenger’s bridge had been destroyed, had they managed to take a look about the Avenger’s situation. When the Avenger came up on the view screen, they were stunned as the carrier slammed right on top of the damaged Orbital Battle Station, its front already blown off. Both went off in an enormous nuclear explosion, destroying the many escape pods that were from the Avenger as well as the remnants of its fleet group.
Larson, who had just seen one of his closest friends die in front of his eyes, felt paralyzed for several seconds as ZAFT forces exploited the breach. However, Ramius was busy giving out orders, “Detach half of our group and send it to the Avenger’s last known position”. Her XO was horrified and he showed it by saying, “Captain, that’s crazy, any ships we send will instantly be chopped to pieces”. Ramius yelled back, “Well the entire fleet is going down anyway so we might as well take as many of them as we can”. She was cut off as the carrier was attacked by Kira’s Chimera Gundam who flew in with all of his weapons blazing all along the carrier’s hull. Ramius finally understood what those Earth Alliance’s scientists had said as a radar official confirmed her fears, “All systems are down, and we barely have any weapons to use”. Ramius looked out at the wrecked ship before giving out the order she thought she would never have to give, “All hands abandon ship”.
Kira was busy blasting away at the Endymion when he saw the shuttles emerging from openings within the carrier and heading towards Earth. He aimed and was about to fire when explosions occurred all about him and heavy beam fire came at him. Kira instantly dodged, fired his beam rifle and headed to attack the station, cursing that he did not have a chance to kill one of his closest enemies.
The huge circular battle station was still holding on but clearly eventually, it would be destroyed as the ZAFT battleships started delivering devastating direct shots into the superstructure. The ZAFT mobile suits took advantage of this and attacked with renewed vigor with Kira in the lead. As soon as he closed in on the huge structure, he directed his EMP generator outburst towards his target and soon, its guns were malfunctioning. Kira then landed on the superstructure and started blasting away at the armor at point blank range while searching for the huge generator. He soon found it and in front of horrified onlookers, he activated his saber and thrust it in the huge nuclear reactor, which immediately exploded and Kira accelerated out of the way as the structure finally came apart, its remains colliding with the ships in the area or falling towards the Earth.
Everyone who watched was horrified by the scale of the battle, which was quickly approaching the scale of the fight on the moon and near the Side 5 area. Already, War Gundam had used its bazooka to devastating effect while Pestilence and Famine left a trail of death and destruction as far as the eye could see. Admiral Larson sat down and took a deep breath before saying out the order he hoped that he would never have to do, "Prepare to scuttle the ships". All looked at him in horror and he said his orders again in a harsher tone before adding, "We've lost too much and it’s best to survive and fight another day". They all then started to run to the hangers as the order passed to the remnants of the broken fleet.
Sarin was smiling as he saw the devastation and the success as his forces blasted through the last defenses. He looked at the time and said to himself, "Now the fun truly begins". Overhead, explosions continued to occur as the Earth Alliance ships either tried to break out with disastrous results or were scuttled with the explosion succeeding in taking out some of the ZAFT mobile suits and smaller ships in front. Fortunately, that was not enough to do serious damage, as the ZAFT Rhine class ships were unmolested and advancing to their respective positions above the Earth.
Larson was in one of the shuttles that were flying towards Earth and he had a front row seat as the huge oval-fat sized cruisers sped over them with mobile suits landing inside in preparation for transport to Earth. He was about to contact headquarters but communications were jammed and the supreme commander of the Earth Alliance fleet along with the rest of the rest of the survivors watched as the ZAFT fleet began its invasion of Earth
Kira had just landed on the Rhine Class warship the Volga as it flew over Europe along with a large number of other Rhine class ships. He looked for a minute over at where the Death Gundam jumped onto another Rhine warship as it flew over East Asia and then headed in to prepare for the drop. The three others had already taken their positions over the resource rich areas of the world and shuttle pods were already on the way to the surface.

New York/Orb Command Center.
The temperature dropped very low as both audiences saw the results of their attempt to defend Earth. Nearly the entire fleet was destroyed and those that managed to escape were running for their lives with nowhere else to go. Many of the escape pods were surviving the descent towards Earth but they were all scattered with many in the path of the oncoming attack. Worst of all, the ZAFT fleet was following its spectacular victory with the commencement of the invasion of Earth. Already panic began to seep in as everyone was running back and forth.
To all three of the former Grand Alliance members, the scene resembled horrendous chaos and they were virtually ignored, which were a blessing since they were all busy with their own thoughts. Cagalli was very much frightened and not even the reassuring presence of her most trusted confidant could calm her fears. Athrun's thoughts were a mix of worry and determination as he saw the main screen. He felt Cagalli's fear and swore that he would take Kira down if it would keep her safe. Lacus's face was unreadable by nearly everyone except her two comrades who saw clearly, what she was thinking, which was another clash with Kira.
In New York, Madison was looking out at the night sky as shooting stars flew by in the hundreds. He had hoped to have a peaceful presidency but it seemed fate had a different intention and his face was saddened by the thought. An aide came into the room but seeing the president like this, he was about to leave when Madison asked, "What is it?" Finding his courage, the aide said, "Sir the press is waiting outside for a statement". The president took a deep breath, looked out at the threatening sky and whispered quietly as he left the room, "Let’s get this war over with as quick as possible".

Either have one chapter about the whole landing operation or one chapter for each theater.

Chpater 10: First the Romans, then Hitler, now Kira.

Earth Alliance main headquarters.
The whole building was in a panic as both high-ranking generals and officials as well as lower ranking officials were in a panic as they tried to coordinate planet-wide defense now that the fleet had been virtually anialated. Despite the jamming that occurred as the ZAFT fleet launched nuclear airbursts to scramble communications and electronics systems, the people at the command center figured managed to figure out the landing points for the invasion with Europe being the first target. Unfortunately, they could not warn their comrades in the targeting zones. They all watched as ZAFT “graciously” provided them with the live feed.

However even without the warning from headquarters, many commanders were smart enough not to depend on the space fleet and that they would soon be caught up in the fighting especially soon after the moment they saw the scores of shooting stars in the sky. Many had already made preparations though they all knew that it was useless for rumors had been spreading about the new capabilities of the Coordinator armies especially the four ZGMF-X12s and worst of all, the dreaded ZGMF-X14A Chimera Gundam. Still, all the commanders of the target zones swore that they would indeed fight for every inch of ground.
That was never more evident than on the mind of Ethian Décor, a Frenchman who was in charge of the European sector. His force was the most strongest and was concentrated in the city areas and though they were outnumbered, the fact that they were Europeans, meant that the experience of many years of war had been driven into their very being. All across were those unnamed souls fighting in same fields of battle that their ancestors fought. Normandy, the Ardennes, Marne, Waterloo and many others would now be joined with the blood that would spill in the ground and in the skies above them.
Already, scores of fighters from the news jets to shocking old models of biplanes and monoplanes were already in the area preparing to intercept the transports. They were supported by missile launchers and self-propelled anti-aircraft weapons. Though this may seem like a motley collection to face well-armed and well-trained assault troops but it was thought that having more firepower thrown in would help decide the fate of a battle.
As soon as the troopships reached a certain level, they started disgorging troops, with the atmospheric DINNS leading the attack followed by the High-Speed GINNS and then the new Colossus and Goliath suits, their pilots seeing battle for the first time. In the lead though was none other that the ZGMF-X14 Chimera Gundam, piloted by ZAFT’s star pilot, his desire for blood at an all time high. The image of his Gundam’s wings glowing and spread-out sent a horrifying chill to even the most hardened soldier and all wondered whether the pilot in that suit was truly human or a monster. The sight would forever give Kira the nickname of “Black Angel”.
The effects of Kira’s Chimera Gundam wasn’t felt until the Earth Alliance fighter pilots got close to the range of which they launched their missiles. They immediately flew off course and some actually targeted other planes as their guidance systems became scrambled. Virtually none hit the approaching invaders and they were forced to attack with guns which put them inside the Chimera’s targeting field. Though some were mercifully cut down by the GINNS and the DINNS, many others were left to fall like a rock onto the Earth, the many explosions, burning them alive.
Decore was not an easy man to scare but seeing his fighter cover going down was enough to chill him. He immediately turned to his subordinates and told them, “Get the guns going and bring as many down as you possibly can”. His officers ran to their duties as Decore looked back up at the screen and the battle arena.
The myriad anti-aircraft weapons started loosing round after round at the threatening sky and some indeed hit, their explosion illuminating what the odds they were up against. The covering DINNS, GINNS and the Chimera Gundam immediately accelerated forward to knock out the AA defenses and provide cover as the troopships impacted on the ground.



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